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“Waiting for You at Home” Program by the Security Service of Ukraine

“Waiting for You at Home” Program

by the Security Service of Ukraine



tlf.: 050 831 2622 or 073 042 0602

(for calls  from government-controlled territories of Ukraine ONLY)

E-mail: doroga.mira.sbu@gmail.com   

Facebook page for correspondence: https://www.facebook.com/dorogamira



 The Security Service of Ukraine, within the framework of the special program “Waiting for You at Home” (It was implemented in August 2015), helps to return the citizens who voluntarily refused to participate in “DNR/LNR” illegal armed groups to the government-controlled territories of Ukraine and releases them from the criminal responsibility.

As of early 2019, over 360 persons used it.

It's hard to go to war, it is even harder to return. Throw away the fear - come back! They’re waiting for you at home!


Frequently asked questions about the Program

1. Who can join the Program?

It applies to persons who voluntarily refused to join terrorist organizations and illegal armed groups, to participate in murder, torture, rape, attacks on the business, institutions, organizations and other grave crimes; sincerely ready to assist in the disclosure of crimes related to the creation or activity of such group or organization, and are prepared to help to terminate their activities.

2. On what ground are the Program participants released from criminal liability?

The grounds for excluding criminal liability for the members of “DNR/LNR” terrorist groups are stipulated by Part 2 Article 258-3 (Creation of a terrorist group or terrorist organization), Part 6 Article 260 (Creation of unlawful paramilitary or armed formations) and other Articles of the Criminal Code Of Ukraine.


3. How to join the Program?

You should contact the SBU in person or through your relatives or friends by any available communications means (contacts provided above).


4. What do you need to know before participating in the Program to ensure your personal security?

Recently, the SBU has documented that the “DNR/LNR”, special services, actively counteract the Program implementation. They carry out special technical measures for identification of the location and ID of a person who calls the SBU hotline.

If you are in non government-controlled territories of Ukraine, or in Russia, in the interests of your safety, we strongly recommend you not to call the phone numbers provided in previously published advertisements, postcards and other sources. For secure communication write to the Program Representative by e-mail doroga.mira.sbu@gmail.com or contact the SBU directly through a person you trust in government-controlled territories of Ukraine.

Still, the previously mentioned phone numbers remain active and can be used if a person reaches the government-controlled territories of Ukraine. When phoning these numbers, do not mention information that allows to identify a person who stays in non government-controlled territories of Ukraine, such as: surname, call sign, position in a given illegal armed group, residence address or registration address, etc.



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