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Donetsk region: SBU detects arsenal with antitank mine, grenades and ammunition

The Security Service of Ukraine found a cache with military munitions in the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation. The cache was set up in 2014 by a member of one of the groups of militants of the so-called “DNR", which is currently hiding in the temporarily occupied Donetsk.  

From the cache equipped in the private house of the malefactor, law enforcement officers seized TM-62 M antitank mine, light antitank grenade launcher, 5 grenades and 10 cases from F-1 and RGD-5 grenades. A detonator for mine taming device MVCh-62, 9 fuses for UZRGM and UZRGM-2 and 600 rounds of 5.45 mm calibre were also found.

According to operative information, the owner of the confiscated arsenal of weapons, is a resident of Bakhmut, who as part of illegal armed groups took part in hostilities against the ATO forces. Leaders of terrorists also involved him in duties at militants’ checkpoints. Within the framework of initiated criminal proceedings under Part 2 Art. 260 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, investigative and operational actions are ongoing to bring to justice other persons involved in illegal activities. The confiscated munitions have been sent for examination. The operation was conducted jointly with the National Police under the procedural supervision of the regional Prosecutor's Office.


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