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SBU unveils deputy of Zaporizhia City Council on UAH 340 thousand bribe for land allocation (video)

SBU officers unveiled a deputy of Zaporizhia City Council on corruption in the sphere of land-use. The official, who is the deputy chairman of the permanent commission on land resources, systematically received bribes from citizens for allocating plots for housing and business.

SBU operatives documented that the deputy demanded UAH 340 thousand from a local resident. In this amount, he estimated the allocation of land by the side of the Dnipro river for a private house. At the same time, the applicant has submitted all the necessary documents to the City Council just 3 years ago, but the official had been creating artificial obstacles all this time to force him to pay.

Law enforcement officers detained deputy in accordance with Art. 208 of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine in one of the residential districts of Zaporizhia city when receiving UAH 243 thousand of a bribe. A few days ago, the SBU officers documented receiving by the official UAH 97 thousand of advance.

In the framework of the criminal proceedings initiated under Part 3 Art. 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the issue of serving the detainee a notice of suspicion and choosing a form of detention is being settled.

The investigative actions are ongoing in order to identify other facts of deputy’s and his colleagues’ corruption. The operation on exposure of the offender was conducted jointly with the State Bureau of Investigations Territorial Administration in Melitopol city, under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office of the AR of Crimea.

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