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SBU prevents privatisation of an elevator of the State Grain Corporation

SBU officers in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office in the framework of a complex of measures on protecting the critical infrastructure facilities in the farming sector prevented the illegal privatisation of the elevator owned by PJSC “State Grain Corporation of Ukraine” and valued at over UAH 60,000 (USD 2,142).

Law enforcers established that the representatives of the group of companies controlled by the former MP from the Party of Regions using a bogus company to issue illegal re-registration of property rights for the elevator, aimed at subsequent resale and transfer of the funds abroad.

The elevator is used in the framework of implementation of the General Agreement concluded with the People's Republic of China. In the framework of the agreement, USD 1,500,000,000 credit funds were provided to the state the state-owned corporation under the guarantees of the Ukrainian Government. The illegal privatisation of the elevator could have led to termination of the contract.

The court imposed a sequestration of the property complex in the framework of the criminal proceeding registered by the Prosecutor’s Office on the materials provided by SBU Main Directorate of CI Protection of the State's Economic Interests. This enabled the PJSC “State Grain Corporation of Ukraine” to continue economic activities for the implementation of the agreement with the People's Republic of China.

The investigation initiates a judicial proceeding in the framework of the case, aiming to return the elevator to the property of the state corporation.

The pre-trial investigation aimed at prosecuting the offenders involved in the unlawful embezzlement of the state property is under way.


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