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16:58, 26 march 2018
The SBU intercepted audio recordings of negotiations between the terrorists with clearly audible order from Moscow to all Russian servicemen and special forces occupying the separatist-controlled territories - to immediately hand in the Russian passports and receive instead the undercover documents, the passports of the quasi-republics.
17:56, 25 march 2018
“Each of the 26 years of SBU operating is important and special. But, it's nothing to discuss that the last four years were the most important, the most complicated, the most critical. The muscles that the SBU has grown over the years has inspired fear to the enemies and confidence in Ukrainian society. The SBU has finally become an effective mechanism of the state and civil security protection,” - said the President Petro Poroshenko during the solemn event on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the SBU establishment.
11:16, 24 march 2018
SBU officers exposed two residents of Dnipropetrovsk region who conducted the anti-Ukrainian agitation in the social networks in line of orders of the Russian special services.
17:16, 23 march 2018
SBU officers in cooperation with the Prosecutor General's Office uncovered the activity of the office of the pro-Kremlin hackers in Kyiv.
16:06, 23 march 2018
SBU established the new facts of criminal activity of the Russian special services in different countries of the world, in particular, against Ukraine. The SBU published a dossier on two more Russian mercenaries involved in crimes of the Kremlin.
11:48, 23 march 2018
SBU officers in cooperation with the National Police exposed the officials on human trafficking of foreigners to the EU countries.
09:38, 23 march 2018
SBU officers in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office in the framework of a complex of measures on protecting the critical infrastructure facilities in the farming sector prevented the illegal privatisation of the elevator owned by PJSC “State Grain Corporation of Ukraine” and valued at over UAH 60,000 (USD 2,142).
12:27, 22 march 2018
The SBU CI officers stopped the activity of the information network of the Main Directorate of Russia’s General Staff of the Armed Forces, under the procedural supervision of the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Kharkiv.
11:58, 22 march 2018
SBU officers exposed a coordinator of the network of anti-Ukrainian Internet resources created on the order of the so-called “DNR Ministry of Information and Communications” in Kyiv.
10:54, 22 march 2018
SBU officers detained a defector at Kalanchak checkpoint (administrative border with the Crimea).

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