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SBU forbids Ukraine for 60 Russian citizens

The SBU has forbidden Ukraine for 60 Russian citizens who were deported from the United States of America for being involved in the activities of the secret services of the aggressor country. Their activity was considered as incompatible with the status of a diplomat.

The five-year ban concerns to 48 diplomats of the Russian embassy and 12 individuals from the United Nations Organization (New York) who were expelled from the United States on March 26.

As previously reported, on March 27, the SBU has forbidden Ukraine for 23 Russian nationals involved in the Russian intelligence services activities who were expelled from the UK due to poisoning of Serhiy Skripal and his daughter

The SBU Head noted that their activity was the flagrant abuse of one of the key functions of the diplomatic mission defined by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961).

Pointing on the Ukraine's experience in countering the Russian hybrid aggression, Vasyl Hrytsak emphasized that the Russian intelligence officers had been using  cynical provocations aimed at undermining the foundations of the international stability and security under the guise of the diplomats with increasing frequency.


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