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Zaporizzhya: SBU blocks producing of counterfeit medicines

SBU officers blocked producing of counterfeit medicines while implementing a complex of tasks on protecting the critical infrastructure facilities in the medical sphere in Zaporizzhya.

The SBU operatives in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office and the Police documented that the offenders established producing of counterfeit medical alcohol with violations of the sanitary norms. The SBU officers established that the dealers planned to sell the counterfeit products to children's hospitals and maternity clinics for budget funds.

The counterfeit products were produced under the brands of the official series of the national producers. The examination uncovered that the products contained the substances of unknown origin and doubtful quality that could threaten the citizen’s lives and health.

During the investigative actions in the warehouses, the industrial premises and the offenders’ residences, the law enforcers seized the equipment for producing, bottling, packaging and marking of counterfeit products, the packing containers, the counterfeit tapes with labels and instructions for using the “medicinal product”.

The organizer of the illegal producing was served a notice of suspicion in committing the crime stipulated by Part 2 Article 321-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The issue of choosing the measure of restraint in the form of custody is now being decided.

Pre-trial investigation is under way.


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