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SBU stops new projects of Russian special services aimed at inciting artificial inter-ethnic conflicts in Ukraine (video)

SSU officers stopped the attempts of Russian special services aimed at inflaming artificial inter-ethnic conflicts in different regions of our country for destabilization of the situation and for discrediting Ukraine on the international stage.

The SBU identified and detained intruders who organized and carried out a grenade explosion at the Polish ‘Orlyata Memorial’ located on the territory of the Lychakiv Cemetery in Lviv on March, 13. “The individuals came from Kyiv to Lviv specifically for committing this crime,” said Victor Kononenko, Deputy Head of the SBU, at the briefing.

Special service operatives have documented that for $800 the perpetrators bought a foreign-registered car, which they used to drive by and throw the grenade at the memorial. “This vehicle became the only clue that helped us to solve the crime,” Viktor Kononenko said. According to the officer, the criminals hoped that buying a car without legal registration would protect them from identification. “Investigators and operatives had to do a great and hard work, to watch a lot of CCTV videos to recreate the route and the places they visited,” said the SBU Deputy Head.

During investigative and operational operations, SBU officers recorded that the group is preparing a new provocation - arson attack in Lviv, on a bus with a Polish numberplates. On March 23, 2018, the plotters have already committed arson attack on a vehicle, but the event did not go viral as was requested by Russian supervisors. Russia’s special services instructed the perpetrators to run another provocation, with the obligatory video recording of the bus arson attack (at this stage, the project was already fully controlled by the SBU). “We simulated the arson attack and distribution of the corresponding inflammatory leaflets. The report of the task completion was sent by electronic messengers to the client; this meant that our employees have completed the recording of the illegal activities,” noted Viktor Kononenko. After the report of the executor, special services detained in the capital two attackers, residents of Kyiv and Lviv, in the framework of criminal proceedings opened under Part 1 of Art. 258 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (“terrorist act”). During searches at the suspects’ places of residence, law-enforcers seized unregistered traumatic weapons and leaflets identical to those distributed in Lviv. The court put the two perpetrators in custody as a precautionary measure. “This crime is another provocation carried out for intimidation of the general public, especially foreign citizens, for complicating relations between our country and the Republic of Poland,” said the SBU Deputy Head. A similar script was used by the group stopped by the SBU in Chernihiv. Participants of the group commissioned by the Russian intelligence services carried out several actions aimed at stirring up inter-ethnic hatred and damage the international image of Ukraine. “We found that attackers are involved in acts of vandalism regarding objects of Polish and Jewish cultural and religious heritage,” Viktor Kononenko emphasized. These actions were funded by representatives of structures controlled by Russia’s special services, specified the officer. Participants of the Volhyn-based group sprayed graffiti, and tried to break the crosses, on a mass grave of the Polish border guards killed in September 1939 in battles with the Red Army. They also sprayed an anti-Semitic graffiti on the “Jewish House” building of the Jewish community in Sumy.

According to the instructions of the Russian “supervisors", the perpetrators made a photo summary of their actions for subsequent distribution of inflammatory publications on controlled Internet resources. During the searches at the offender’s premises, SBU officers seized eight TNT blocks, five RGD-5 grenades, melee weapons, anti-Ukrainian insignia such as St. George's ribbons, confirming their illegal activities. Investigations are ongoing within the framework of criminal proceeding initiated under Part 3 Article 110, Part 1 Article 111 and Part 1 Article 255 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. These are merely two groups uncovered by the SBU in March 2018 alone. SBU knows about the existence of other groups. “SBU has information about other plans of the Russian side. We know

, in Putin's circles there are groups aiming to create prerequisites for Russian intervention in Ukraine already this fall under the pretence of protecting the Russian-speaking population,” said SBU Deputy Head. He clarified that the Russian side is prepared to hire criminals, athletes and members of criminal structures for inflicting physical damage to participants of pro-Russian events and religious processions. “But the SBU will not allow them to implement these plans, continuing to expose activities of Russian special services," said Victor Kononenko.  


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