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Defense of Nadiya Savchenko refuses to check her testimony on the polygraph

The officers of the SBU Main Investigative Department in the framework of the criminal proceeding initiated under Part 1 Article 109, Part 1 Article 14 Part 2 Article 28 Part 1 Article 109, Part 1 Article 14 Part 2 Article 28 Article 112, Part 1 Article 14 Part 3 Article 258, Part 1 Article. 258-3 and Part 2 Article 28 Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, appointed a number of procedural actions on suspicion in committing the crime by Volodymyr Ruban and Nadiya Savchenko.

The SBU investigators appointed forensic psychological examination using the polygraph, which was commissioned to the experts of the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The expertise was appointed according to the criminal procedure legislation of Ukraine to verify the veracity of the suspect’s testimony regarding the incriminated crimes.

The SBU emphasizes that, even before serving a notice of suspicion, Savchenko many times publicly stated that she would provide evidence for the investigation regarding the circumstances of the criminal proceeding only under the polygraph. Savchenko was informed in advance about the fact, place and time of the psychological examination under the polygraph and legally received the evidence provided by the investigation, grounding the suspicion. At the same time, the suspect in the presence of the experts refused to participate in the examination, introducing the new requirements - to provide her firstly for acquainting all the materials provided by the investigation of the conducted covert Investigative (Detective) Actions.

The Service states that the suspect Savchenko consciously refused to conduct the psychological examination under the polygraph. There is no provision in the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine for the confirmation and the requirement of the defense to provide them with the available investigative materials for preparing to conduct the experts’ examination. This is exceptionally the attempt to mislead the Ukrainian society and the representatives of media in the alleged interest of Savchenko in establishing the truth in this case.

We emphasize that conducting the psychological examination under the polygraph involves the concrete answers “yes / no” on the expert’s questions formed exceptionally in the framework and substantially of the declared suspicion that is at the disposal of the defense, the suspect and the media representatives.


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