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Odesa region: SBU conducts large-scale anti-terrorist training (video)

The SBU conducted large-scale anti-terrorist training on the base of a strategic facility in Odesa region.

The regional units of the SBU, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, the Police, the State Emergency Service, the border guards, the representatives of regional and local authorities participated in the trainings in near-real conditions.

According to the training plan, two “sabotage” groups mined the military facility in Odesa region. The joint efforts of the participants of the anti-terrorist activity succeeded in uncovering and neutralizing the installed explosive devices in time.

Being uncovered, the “offenders” hid from the law enforcers in the blocked building. The “Alfa” unit run a power phase in spite of the “saboteurs” resistance (use of firearms, setting up “tripwires” and use of smoke grenades).  The second group of "saboteurs" was neutralized on attempting to use vars to smash through the blockade of law enforcers.

The units involved in the training demonstrated the willingness to counteract the terrorist-sabotage manifestations and effectively performed their functions in extreme conditions.


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