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SBU blocks legalization of participants of international terrorist groups through Ukraine

SBU officers blocked the sending of the representatives of the international terrorist groups to Ukraine, as well as the use of our state for legalization of the criminals in European countries.

“We received information from the foreign partners on detention in the countries of Europe of five persons involved in the activities of international terrorist groups, whose forged foreign passports of Ukrainian citizens were uncovered", - said the SBU Deputy Head Viktor Kononenko on a briefing.

During conducting the investigation in cooperation with the General's Prosecutor Office, it was established that the uncovered blank forms were considered officially destroyed by one of the regional bodies of the State Migration Service. “Then the law enforcers established the location of the laboratory where they were processed,” said Viktor Kononenko.

During conducting the authorized searches in the building of the migration unit with the assistance of the leadership of the State Migration Service, the SBU seized 151 passport blank forms, which were not destroyed despite the requirements, 45 acts on destroying of the canceled passports and 8 application forms used for forging passports.

The law enforcement officers found a large number of equipment and tools for forging certificates for permanent / temporary residence, diplomas about higher education, certificates, date stamps in the residence of the member of the group. The offender also kept five cliché of the migration service, 8 clichés of the Russian migration bodies, 13 blank forms of the diplomas of foreign universities, 88 seals of the national higher education institutions and 9 data-stamps of the State Border Guard Service.

The SBU stopped the activities of another organized group specializing in the legalization of foreign citizens in the territory of Ukraine at the end of February 2018. "They are the residents of countries with the increased level of the terrorist threats, the members of the terrorist organization ISIS were identified among them”, - said the SBU Deputy Head.

The SBU operatives documented that the legalization of foreigners was provided by manufacturing the foreign biometric passports of the Ukrainian citizens on the basis of forged internal passports. For this purpose, the organizers purchased passports of citizens of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which were afterwards forged for a specific customer. “A true foreign passport of a citizen of Ukraine was issued on the basis of a forged document in our country," Viktor Kononenko emphasized.

The law enforcers identified four people involved in the organization of the channel and uncovered a laboratory where the forgery of documents was committed.

During the authorized searches, the SBU seized 8 "date-stamps" on the crossing of the EU borders, 10 migration cards of one of the CIS countries, 15 visas of the Arab States, 4 stamps of the State Migration Service, 8 passports of the Ukrainian citizens -  the residents of the Crimea - 32 certificates of the registration of the internally displaced persons and equipment for producing the forged documents. Three offenders actively collaborate with the investigation, the fourth is hiding in the Crimean Autonomous Republic. 

 The urgent investigative and operative actions on the both facts are under way.

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