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Kyiv: SBU exposes international organized group of arms dealers (video)

SBU officers exposed an international organized group in Kyiv specializing in smuggling, illegal manufacturing and selling firearms and ammo in Ukraine.

“The participants of the group who, using their foreign accomplices, organized the illegal import of separate parts of weapons from the USA and the EU were identified”, said Victor Kononenko, the SBU Deputy Head of the SBU, at a briefing.

Using couriers, the offenders transported smuggled “goods” to Kyiv. The dealers then used a workshop (set up earlier in the organizer’s garage) to produce firearms for sale. “The offenders refitted the firearms, equipping them with silencers produced at the same location, if customers desired so. “The price on the “black market” was EUR 2,300-2,500”, noted Victor Kononenko.

The offenders searched for the clients using specialized Internet forums. During this March-April, the SBU operatives documented a number of relevant unlawful activities.

The SBU officers detained the organizer of the group on one of Kyiv streets on attempting to sell two foreign-produced pistols.

During searches in the offenders residences and the places of producing the weapons, the law enforcers seized 3 machine guns, 3 automatic guns, 2 rifles, 7 machine pistols, 30 pistols (Glock, Colt, CZ, Browning, Beretta, Walther, SigSauer, Vzor), 8 grenade launchers, 32 grenades, 5 mines, 3,240 rounds of different caliber, kits of spare parts for pistol production. “The uncovered samples of weapons were transferred for examination,” said the National Police Deputy Head Vitaliy Nevgad on the briefing.

The investigative and operative actions in the framework of the criminal proceeding initiated under Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine are under way. 

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