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Statement of SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak

With a smile I read the commentary of the “sagacious” official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Russia regarding the published by SBU testimony of a person directly engaged in transfer of the PMC Wagner mercenaries to Syria by the Russian Navy.

I would like to remind that the SBU has repeatedly provided the public with the concrete evidence of the crimes of the PMC Wagner in Donbas and Syria.





I am aware that this information is highly embarrassing for senior military and, perhaps, political leadership of Russia. And so the Ministry of Defense of Russia in every possible way tries to stay bat-eyed to Russian “ikhtamnetov” (“those absent”) both in Ukraine and in Syria, ignoring the undisputed proof provided by the SBU and a growing number of evidence available in media stings of the leading world media.

In spite of the statement of the Russia’s Ministry of Defense that the navy cruiser “Variag” cannot transport the personnel and equipment, the SBU, on top of the already published info, provides the public with the list of PMC Wagner mercenaries covertly transferred from Vladivostok to Syria on this very ship of the Russian Navy (the residents of the Russia’s Primorsk Territory, the Amur region and the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia):

I underline that the “Variag” transfer was the “one way trip” for at least two mercenaries from this list (O. Krokhun and P. Solomonov). I also stress that the SBU stands ready to help Russia’s Ministry of Defense in case the latter shies away from establishing the concrete passport data and residence addresses of Russian citizens from the mentioned list of Wagner PMC “ikhtamnetov” in order to bring them to the criminal responsibility for mercenary activities - for the purpose of bringing the truth to citizens of Russia and helping Russia’s top military command to escape the “lack of information” syndrome.


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