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SBU interrogates witness of transporting mercenaries to Syria by the naval forces of Russia (video)

SBU officers interrogated the witness of transporting mercenaries of the PMC Wagner to Syria by the naval forces of Russia.

The law enforcers detained two men who planned to cross the border illegally.

One of the detainees was the citizen of Ukraine. The other was the Russian citizen  who had a military card with a record of being awarded for participating in the military operation in Syria.

The former Russian serviceman testified to the SBU officers that he participated many times in transferring the fighters of the PMC Wagner with heavy weapons and ammo during the contract service in 2015-2017 on a missile cruiser “Variah” in 2015-2017.

The SBU continues to document the crimes of Russian mercenaries in Donbas, Syria and other countries for sending the materials to the Ukrainian and international courts.

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