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SBU continues pre-trial investigation in case of Vladimir Ruban and Nadiya Savchenko

The SBU Chief Investigative Unit continues the pre-trial investigation in criminal proceeding on suspicion of Volodymyr Ruban and Nadiya Savchenko in committing crimes stipulated by Part 1 of Article 109, Part 1 Article 14, Part 2 Article 28, Part 1 Article 109, Part 1 Article 14, Part 2 Article 28, Article 112, Part 1 Article 14, Part 3 Article 258, Part 1 Article 258-3, Part 2 Article 28, Part 1 Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

In view of the profound public interest to the persons involved in the said criminal proceeding, the SBU investigators under the procedural supervision of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office conduct the necessary investigative (search) actions aimed at fast, comprehensive and impartial investigation of all circumstances of committing the crimes, clarification of the degree of participation and guilt of every accomplice.  

In particular, investigators conduct interrogations of the suspects within the framework of the served notice of suspicion. Currently the suspects, using their procedural rights, refuse to give testimony to the investigation.

The investigation has appointed and conducted 13 expert examinations of weapons, ammo, explosives, video and audio materials, speeches and public appeals, including a commissioned forensic psychological examination, to verify the veracity of Nadiya Savchenko testimony. The interrogations of the witnesses have been completed; those provided important factual data about the circumstances being investigated in this criminal proceeding. The review and analysis of documents and items seized from the residences and workplaces of Ruban and Savchenko are under way. Participation of the other persons in the crimes is being checked.

The complex of the planned investigative (search) actions is under way. The SBU emphasizes that under Article 222 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine all official materials in this case may be published only on the permission of the investigator.

The bodies of pre-trial investigation and the Prosecutor's Office, plan to finish the pre-trial investigation in a reasonably short term, taking into account the complexity of the criminal proceeding, the volume and specificity of the procedural actions, as well as the behavior of the participants of the criminal proceeding.


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