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Vasyl Hrytsak hands over unique archive documents to Kaniv-based Shevchenko Museum (video)

During a working visit to Cherkasy region, the head of the SBU Vasyl Hrytsak handed over unique archives about Volodymyr Naumenko, an outstanding researcher of the works of Ukraine’s national poet, to Kaniv-based Shevchenko Museum.

The SBU archive contains unique materials that can shed light on little-known pages of the past. “We are constantly working on opening up archive materials classified by Soviet secret services,” SBU Head stressed.

By publishing these documents, SBU helps to restore historical justice. “The Russian hybrid war is aimed at destroying our identity, erasing the past and depriving of the future,” said Vasily Hrytsak. According to him, Russian intelligence services operate on scenario developed a while back. “Just as a hundred years ago, [they are] distorting events, hypocritically manipulating facts, trying to destroy anyone who disagrees,” he added. “Shevchenko was a prophet even then, warning about the insidiousness of ‘our brothers’,” noted the Head of the SBU.

From the moment of inception, the totalitarian Soviet regime ruthlessly fought against the Ukrainian intellectual elite. Therefore, many prominent figures have fallen under the wheels of this death machine.  “It is important for us to remember the names of patriots who defended our right to free development and national identity,” Hrytsak said.

Volodymyr Pavlovich Naumenko, an outstanding educator, scholar, cultural and public figure, champion of the cultural identity of Ukrainians, is one of such Ukrainian patriots. He was one of the most progressive and influential figures of his time.

SBU experts found the archived criminal case No. 232 against Vladimir Naumenko and today the Service transfers a copy to the Museum. “Volodymyr Naumenko, who made a significant contribution to preserving and popularizing the creative work of Taras Shevchenko, was arrested, and the next day killed and buried by the executioners in a common grave along with other victims of the Bolsheviks,” said Vasily Hrytsak.

Marian Pinyak, the Director of the Museum, thanked SBU Head and expressed his interest in further cooperation with the SBU's archive on restoring the true history of Shevchenko, Chernecha mountain, the Museum and the people who have done so much to commemorate the memory of the national poet.

According to the SBU Head, the transferred archive materials will be useful not only for researching the origin and development of Shevchenko studies, but also through the prism of studying the history of the national movement in Ukraine. Representatives of the Service also handed over to the museum the videos about the involvement of the Russian Army in the attacks in Mariupol and Volnovaha.

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