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SBU blocks smuggling of drug-containing substances to Ukraine (video)

SBU officers in cooperation with the Polish law enforcers and Ukrainian border guards blocked smuggling into Ukraine of large consignments of psychotropic substances containing pseudoephedrine.

The SBU operatives established that the drug dealers organized regular supplies of precursors to Ukraine from Poland, for manufacturing the amphetamine-range psychotropic substances. The offenders sold the “raw materials” to the underground drug labs in different regions of Ukraine. The smugglers transported monthly about 200,000 pills, equivalent to 12 kilograms of “pure” pseudoephedrine (costing about UAH 6,000,000 (USD 230,679) according to the “black market” prices).

During the first step of the multi-stage operation, the law enforcers detained two drug couriers on the Yagodin checkpoint. During the car inspection, the SBU officers uncovered about 34,000 pills containing the forbidden substances hidden under the trimming of the cabin.

While conducting the further investigative and operative measures, the law enforcers detained the organizer and the members of the drug group on receiving the subsequent consignment of “goods” and attempting to sell it in the regional centre.

The investigative actions conducted in five regions helped the SBU officers to seize a large amount of methamphetamine, the raw materials and equipment for producing, in particular, pseudoephedrine, crystalline iodine, red phosphorus and unregistered firearms.

The investigators of the SBU Rivne Regional Office served six members a notice of suspicion of the group in committing the crimes stipulated by Article 305 and Article 311 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The organizer was chosen a measure of restraint in the form of custody with the possibility of a bailout for UAH 12,000,000 (USD 461,538) by the court.

The urgent investigative and operative actions are under way.


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