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Official announcement of SBU regarding Serhiy Sternenko case

Today, considering the case materials and the conducted examinations on approval of the Office of the Prosecutor General Serhiy Sternenko was served a notice of suspicion of committing a crime under Article 115 Part 1 (willful unlawful causing death of another person) and Article 263 Part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (carrying of cold arms without a permit required by law).

In this regard, the SBU officially announces:

The investigation of “Sternenko’s case” has long since shifted from a purely legal to a political and informational stage. Therefore, taking into account the public response, the Security Service of Ukraine emphasizes that it investigates any crimes impartially and is guided solely by the law.

Indeed, according to the case file, it can be said that I. Kuznetsov and O. Isaikul aimed to intimidate and inflict bodily injuries to S. Sternenko. Therefore investigators qualified actions of attackers under Article 296 Part 4 of the Criminal Code.

Defending himself, the public activist put his left hand up to protect himself and stabbed attackers with his right hand. As a result, O. Isaikul received a cut wound of the anterior abdominal wall, and I. Kuznetsov received a penetrating stab wound to the abdomen. We note that such actions of S. Sternenko may correspond to the concept of necessary defense.

However, his further actions question the above version. As I. Kuznetsov fled the scene, the attack on Sternenko is considered as consummated criminal offence - his life and health were no longer in danger. However, Sternenko ran after Kuznetsov, caught him and inflicted several wounds, including a stab wound to the heart, which led to his death.

I. Kuznetsov's body was found almost 100 meters from the place of the first fight. That is, the allegations that S. Sternenko wounded I. Kuznetsov during self-defense, and subsequently did not inflict any wounds, are not true. An expert examination conducted during the pre-trial investigation confirmed the version of premeditated murder.

S. Sternenko's statement that he inflicted fatal wounds with a knife, which he allegedly took from I. Kuznetsov and O. Isaikul look doubtful. Serhiy personally confirmed that the knife belonged to him during his own online broadcast on Facebook from the scene.

In view of the above, the notification of suspicion of committing a crime is a requirement of the law, which operates independently of the information campaigns and political beliefs of those who violated it. Just like any investigation, it cannot be stopped because of the patriotic views of its participants.

However, we remind you that a person is guilty if his guilt is proven in court.




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