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Traitor General Shaitanov stays in custody until August 2020

Shevchenkyvskyi District Court of Kyiv city has extended the custody of Major General Valeriy Shaitanov until August 8.

We remind that the SBU CI detained a high-ranking FSB agent in April 2020 on suspicion of treason and terrorism.

SBU operatives conducted multi-stage special operation to expose a traitor and gathered enough evidence on his cooperation with Russian special services.

In particular, SBU documented the collection and transmission of data on certain secret operations in the ATO/ JFO area, on international cooperation of Ukrainian special services in defense sphere, on Chiefs of the SBU CI Department, SBU operational units and the Center of Special Operations “A”, Ukrainian Intelligence bodies, and also attempts to recruit senior officers to work for FSB.

It is also established that he planned to kill the famous volunteer Adam Osmayev following the tasks assigned by Russian special services.


For the Attention of the SBU Head





Zhydkov Dmytro Mykhailovych
Shevchenko Daniil Borysovych
Yatsenko Viktor Viacheslavovych

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