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SBU exposes state registrar and two arbitration supervisors on property fraud

The SBU regularly protects the state interests and business from illegal activities of criminal groups and certain high-ranking corrupt individuals.  Raider seizures of property, real estate fraud undermine the economic potential of the country and pose a threat to national security.

This week, three officials from Kharkiv and Kyiv cities were exposed on property fraud.

In particular, a state registrar of a Village Council of Derhachiv district organized real estate fraud. Before they were exposed, the woman and her accomplice managed to privatize a communal property totalling almost UAH 1 million (USD 37,000). In the near future, the illegally expropriated communal property will be seized in order to start the procedure of returning it to municipal infrastructure.

The day before in Kyiv, SBU officers exposed two arbitration supervisors.

One of them extorted USD 100,000 from a private developer for abandoning a lawsuit to alienate property and suspend the liquidation process.  For this sum, the offender promised not only to withdraw a claim, but also to “settle” the issues with a judge of the Commercial Court.  He agreed to receive a bribe in parts.

Another arbitration supervisor involved in extorting money from the head of a foreign-invested company. For UAH 175,000 (USD 6,500), the official promised the businessman to lease the mortgaged property to the company, as well as to approve the procedure for its sale.  He involved a mediator to carry out the illegal activity.      

Actions of the masterminds and their accomplice are qualified as bribery, fraud, forgery of documents and abuse of power by a person who provides public services.

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