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16:54, 11 june 2020
The SBU exposed misappropriation of UAH 3 million (USD 111,111) during construction of improved barracks for the Ministry of Defence that meet NATO standards.
13:35, 11 june 2020
Today, considering the case materials and the conducted examinations on approval of the Office of the Prosecutor General Serhiy Sternenko was served a notice of suspicion of committing a crime under Article 115 Part 1 (willful unlawful causing death of another person) and Article 263 Part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (carrying of cold arms without a permit required by law).
12:17, 11 june 2020
SBU CI keeps on to document attempts of recruitment our compatriots by Russian special services. The servicemen, the staff of strategic military enterprises and citizens with access to state secrets in the field of security and national defense are of particular interest for Russians. These "suggestions" are often combined with falsification of criminal cases, blackmail and extortion of money.
11:22, 11 june 2020
During CI protective measures of critical infrastructure facilities, the SBU prevented a signing of environmental contract under Government guarantees with an unscrupulous contractor.
09:08, 11 june 2020
The SBU CI blocked an illegal call-center, which was operating for popular Russian mobile phone companies in the Joint Forces Operation area.
17:27, 10 june 2020
SBU proceeds a pre-trial investigation on terrorist financing and encroachment on territorial integrity of Ukraine by food producer from Dnipropetrovsk region.
16:54, 10 june 2020
Shevchenkyvskyi District Court of Kyiv city has extended the custody of Major General Valeriy Shaitanov until August 8.
15:13, 10 june 2020
SBU CI exposed and detained in Kharkiv city a Ukrainian citizen, who worked for the 74th intelligence center of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces.
12:59, 10 june 2020
The SBU regularly protects the state interests and business from illegal activities of criminal groups and certain high-ranking corrupt individuals. Raider seizures of property, real estate fraud undermine the economic potential of the country and pose a threat to national security.
12:55, 10 june 2020
In Derhachiv district, the SBU uncovered a state registrar of the Village Council on fraud with municipal property.

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