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“Waiting for You at Home” - news

15:12, 24 march 2017
In May 2014, a man willingly joined illegal armed group of the so-called “DPR”, he took part in the checkpoint installation, where he ensured pass control.
11:09, 23 march 2017
During the court session the Program participant told that in summer 2014, being non-adult, he had joined one of terrorists groups. The militants realized that a boy was a teenager, but nevertheless they directed him in one of training camps.
10:29, 22 march 2017
In January 2017, the citizen of Bakhmut, Donetsk region, realizing the illegality of his actions, applied to the SBU and joined the Program “Waiting for You at Home”.
09:58, 21 march 2017
In November 2014 the citizen of Ukraine willingly joined illegal armed group of the so-called “DPR” because of dire financial condition and with lethal force guarded the supply parks of the group.
13:03, 20 march 2017
Since July 2015 the man hold a position of veterinary medicine inspector in ORLO and ensured “food security” of the pseudorepublic. He was responsible for control over the work of food entities and animal production on the border with Russia, providing of different permits in the sphere of veterinary medicine and produce trade, paid services the taxes from which came in the budget of so-called “LPR”.
10:47, 13 march 2017
A man with legal force has guarded supply depots in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region.
16:11, 10 march 2017
In Luhansk region the court released another participant of the SBU Program ‘Waiting for You at Home’ from criminal responsibility.
09:54, 09 march 2017
At the end of May 2014 the resident of Luhansk region joined an illegal armed formation of so-called LNR, served at checkpoints, checked documents, cargo and examined cars. For his ‘work’ he received cigarettes and meal.
15:45, 07 march 2017
A resident of Horlivka joined the SBU Program ‘Waiting for You at Home’.
16:45, 06 march 2017
The SBU officers persuaded a former militant of so-called DNR to voluntarily lay down arms and return to peaceful life under the Program ‘Waiting for You at Home’.

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