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SBU exposes combat ship commander on passing defence information to Russian special services

SBU Military Counterintelligence prevented the security leak in the field of combat readiness of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to representatives of Russia’s special services.

SBU officers established that the commander of the combat ship left for the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea without the permission of his command. There he began cooperation with Russian special services and received Russian citizenship. After that, the captain of the 2nd rank returned to the location of his crew and began to secretly collect restricted information for transmission to Russian special services.

The involved person planned to pass the information to foreign curators after leaving for permanent residence in the annexed peninsula. To do this, he was going to resign from the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the near future. Criminal proceedings have been initiated under this fact. Restricted data storage devices, which he was going to transfer to a foreign party were seized.

Currently, the serviceman has been removed from his post and his access to a state secret has been revoked.  

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