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11:59, 05 june 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine uncovered multimillion financial fraud with budget funds during the state roads construction.
09:00, 05 june 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine stopped the illegal activities of a criminal group under the supervision of the head of one of the city units of the National Police of Dnipropetrovsk region.
13:58, 04 june 2020
There are no "secret SBU prisons" in Ukraine, and rumors of systemic human rights violations are being spread by pro-Russian propagandists. This was stated by the Head of the Security Service Ivan Bakanov during a coordination meeting of heads of state law enforcement agencies, which took place at the Prosecutor General's Office on June 4 in Kyiv.
08:10, 02 june 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine has terminated the activities of a group that illegally manufactured and smuggled large consignments of cigarettes to the European Union. The operation was conducted by the officers of the SBU Main Directorate for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime jointly with the Main Investigation Directorate of the National Police under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor General’s Office.
10:49, 01 june 2020
During the quarantine period, the SBU cyber-specialists blocked over 2,600 communities with more than a million subscribers and exposed 385 Internet-agitators who spread fake news about COVID-19 pandemic.
18:32, 29 may 2020
SBU exposed misappropriation of UAH 500 million (USD 18,5 million) during the construction of roads of state importance in 2018-2019.
16:49, 28 may 2020
SBU Main Investigative Department carries out a pre-trial investigation into the incitement of Ukrainian citizens to commit high treason by personnel of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces and FSB.
15:53, 26 may 2020
Investigators of the Security Service of Ukraine served a notice of suspicion to the chief of the operational unit of the intelligence department of the staff of Western Military District of the 74th intelligence center of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces.
09:45, 26 may 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine established the personal data of all members of the terrorist group who on May 26, 2018 carried out artillery shelling of the positions of the Joint Forces Operation in Luhansk region. During the hostile attack, two officers of the SBU Special Operations Center "A" were killed - colonel Ruslan Mulyar and warrant officer Yurii Zhuravlov, two other officers - injured.
14:34, 25 may 2020
In Kyiv, the Main Directorate of SBU Internal Security blocked drug dealers, linked with the SBU officer.

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