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“Waiting for You at Home” - news

12:05, 03 august 2017
The resident of Luhansk region, under the influence of Russian propaganda, took part in the activity of illegal armed groups of so-called “LNR” in 2014. Soon, when he couldn’t stand infamous attitude, permanent drunkenness and plunder of local population caused by accomplices, the man left the terrorist group.
11:08, 28 july 2017
In the beginning of 2014 Donetsk resident under influence of Russian propaganda joined illegal armed groups of self-proclaimed “republic” and “serviced” as a driver. A man himself made certain of slippery participation of group leaders in plunder and gain and in several months decided to leave militants. Being afraid of terrorists punishment, he for a long timed was hidden in temporarily occupied territories.
10:59, 26 july 2017
The resident of Donetsk region, under influence of Russian propaganda joined one of illegal armed groups of so-called “DNR” in 2014. Afterwards a man understood his mistake.
12:01, 21 july 2017
The city court in Lysychansk of Luhansk region released from criminal responsibility a former member of illegal armed group, who joined the Program “Waiting for You at Home”.
09:08, 21 july 2017
The men returned home within the framework of the SBU Program “Waiting for You at Home”. At this time, they are waiting for release from criminal responsibility.
12:28, 15 july 2017
Due to the SBU Program “Waiting for you at home” the ex-militant of so-called “LNR” returned to ordinary life.
14:32, 11 july 2017
In particular, in the Program frameworks, Rivne city court released 57-years old resident of Donetsk region from penalty.
10:05, 10 july 2017
In the middle of April 2014, when the temporarily occupation of separate territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions has started, Toretsk resident under the influence of pro-Russian propaganda entered to illegal armed groups of so-called “DNR”. He also was engaged into ensuring of access control regime on the checkpoints, equipped by terrorists.
15:20, 06 july 2017
Sloviansk District Court of Donetsk region released another participant of the SBU Program ‘Waiting for You at Home’ from criminal responsibility.
13:53, 03 july 2017
The resident of Lysychansk district joined illegal armed groups from the beginning of temporarily occupation of the part of territory of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

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