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Meeting of the SBU Chairman Ivan Bakanov with the Ambassadors of the G-7, leadership of the EU Delegation and NATO Representation to Ukraine

On October 9, the new SBU Chairman Ivan Bakanov met with the Ambassadors of the G-7 – France, the UK, Italy, Canada, Germany, the USA, Japan, as well as the leaders of the EU Delegation – based in Ukraine. Following this meeting the SBU Chairman met with the leadership of NATO Representation to Ukraine (NRU) and European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM).

During the meetings Mr. Bakanov presented the rationale behind the SBU’s reform programme and changes it aims to deliver. He also briefed the group on new legislation that will shortly come before parliament – the Law on the Security Service of Ukraine – and how it will modernise current legislation and oversight.

Mr. Bakanov stated that following the reform the SBU will become a publicly trusted institution accountable to the Ukrainian society. This means an end to outdated politically-driven practices and corruption, with a focus on one mission: counteracting national security threats to keep Ukraine safe. Mr. Bakanov went on to explain that this will be achieved by refocusing the SBU’s priorities and workforce to meet an ever changing more complex set of national security threats. He stressed that the SBU must become a hi-tech, mobile and optimally sized service to keep the people of Ukraine safe that is underpinned by clear morals and valuues.

‘Ukrainian people want honesty and accountability from their Government and its institutions – the SBU can be front and centre of this new era. In the past the vast majority of Ukrainian people have felt Government bodies only worked for the rich and elite which made the majority feel less safe and ignored. This is exactly what we want to change. Sharing our new values and our roadmap for reform is way of growing trust and increasing understanding in the work we do. The old ways of the SBU are not suited to the modern Ukrainian democracy the President wants to build’ said Bakanov.

The SBU Chairman set out that clearly defined tasks and competences, the demilitarization of the SBU structures and enhanced civilian control will the beginning of the reform programme and will start before the new law is adopted. In addition, this reform will become a first step towards a new flexible structure, and deliver a downsizing of personnel as well as better terms, conditions and training for current and new SBU staff.

Ivan Bakanov asked the international community to be patient as complex reforms do not happen overnight. He also asked for their support so that the SBU could become a trustworthy partner for the foreign security organizations.

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