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13:27, 16 june 2020
SBU cyber specialists blocked an interregional network of bot farms in Kyiv and several regions, which was managed from Russia’s territory. The network's capabilities allowed to generate fakes from more than 10,000 bots.
10:51, 16 june 2020
SBU detained suspected murderer of Kateryna Handziuk Vladyslav Manger. At the moment, the SBU officers are bringing him before the capital's court.
11:37, 15 june 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine demonstrates a high level of openness, readiness for public discussion on reform issues and is expected to take into account expert comments that will have a positive impact on the activities of the special service.
17:03, 12 june 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine is ready to strengthen its cooperation with local authorities for more effective neutralization of state security risks. During a joint coordination meeting with the heads of central and regional defense and law enforcement agencies, - the SBU Head Ivan Bakanov stated in Zaporizzhia city.
18:19, 11 june 2020
Within the framework of counteracting the shadowing of the state's economy, SBU in Odesa city blocked a conversion center with a handling capacity of over UAH 500,000,000 (USD 18, 518, 519).
13:35, 11 june 2020
Today, considering the case materials and the conducted examinations on approval of the Office of the Prosecutor General Serhiy Sternenko was served a notice of suspicion of committing a crime under Article 115 Part 1 (willful unlawful causing death of another person) and Article 263 Part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (carrying of cold arms without a permit required by law).
16:54, 10 june 2020
Shevchenkyvskyi District Court of Kyiv city has extended the custody of Major General Valeriy Shaitanov until August 8.
15:13, 10 june 2020
SBU CI exposed and detained in Kharkiv city a Ukrainian citizen, who worked for the 74th intelligence center of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces.
11:37, 10 june 2020
Following the reform, the Security Service of Ukraine must maintain effective tools to combat corruption, which is often used as part of a hybrid war against Ukraine. This statement was set out by Deputy Head of the SBU Reformation Serhiy Pun in his article for Ukrainian media.
13:17, 09 june 2020
Over the past three months, the SBU cyber specialists identified 21 agit-props who implemented tasks assigned by Russian special services. They tried to destabilize situation and provoked panic in society.

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