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SBU Program "Waiting for You at Home" used by two former militants who now returned to peaceful life (video)

The SBU’s Program "Waiting for You at Home" was used by yet another former “DNR” militant who is now returned to peaceful life.

The law enforcers established that in 2014 the resident of Donetsk region was forced by militants’ blackmail and threats to join the illegal armed formation. Then he was transferred to the territory of Russia to Rostov-on-Don for special sniper trainings.

After returning to Ukraine, the terrorists deployed him in protection of military facilities, in particular the "general staff" of the militants and the “Victoria Hotel”, where the Russian headquarters were located.

He personally saw Russian officers who monitor militants’ activities and has confirmed the fact of Russian servicemen from different regions of the country-aggressor arriving and staying on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

Realizing the criminal nature of his actions, becoming a witness of victimisation by Russian militants, the man wanted to leave them, but was arrested and sent to pillaging industrial facilities in Donetsk region.

While in the so-called "DNR", the man talked to his mother, who begged her son to return to peaceful life. As soon as he escaped from the terrorists, the man returned to his native city and appealed to law enforcement agencies.

The investigators have studied all circumstances of the committed offences and he was released from criminal responsibility by court.

Another participant of the SBU Program "Waiting for You at Home" was released from criminal responsibility under court decision in Donetsk region.

The resident of Donetsk region in 2014, having succumbed to the promises of terrorists, joined the “DNR” illegal armed formation. While a member of the formation, the man arranged checkpoints, and was deployed in checking procedures.

Realizing the realities of "The Russian Peace", becoming a witness of robberies and abuse committed by militants against the local population, he voluntarily left the illegal armed formation. The man was afraid of his former blood brothers’ revenge and criminal responsibility for participating in illegal armed formation, and therefore was hiding for a long time.

Having learned from the media about the SBU Program, he volunteered to apply to law enforcement agencies, providing assistance for investigation.

Returning to peaceful life, the former members of illegal armed formations are confident that their decisions are just and urge others not to be afraid and follow in their steps.


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