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Former members of illegal armed formations have a choice – to answer in law or participate in SBU Program (video)

Another two former members of illegal armed formations took part in the SBU Program “Waiting for You at Home”.

Namely under the SBU Program the court released a resident of Mariinskyi district of Donetsk region who believed the promises of pro-Russian militants about “promising future” and joined the terrorists in April 2014 from penalty.

Having understood the falseness of such a choice the man started to look for opportunities to return to his family that stayed in the territory controlled by Ukraine. Late 2016 he got to know about the Program “Waiting for You at Home” and the possibilities it provides for its participants from his wife. After long hesitations despite fake messages of terrorists, the man decided to take this opportunity. In July 2017 he voluntarily refused to conduct illegal activity, left the rows of the criminal group and made an application to the SBU.

In addition, the SBU officers returned a Donetsk resident who was former militant of so-called DNR to normal life. In summer 2014 he was captured by the militants and under the penalty of death he was forced to join the illegal armed formation to “provide assistance to the young republic”. One week of being among terrorists was enough for the man to realize the criminality of their actions aimed at self-enrichment and satisfaction of their own wills. That is why having taken the opportunity the man ran from his “place of duty” and had been hiding in the territory controlled by terrorists for some time.

Having seen the information about the SBU Program “Waiting for You at Home” and the video materials on TV and on the Internet the man returned to the territory controlled by Ukraine and made an application to Ukrainian law enforcers.

At present, the man is at home with his family and hopes to be released from criminal responsibility. The circumstances of his crime are being thoroughly checked.

The participants of the SBU Program “Waiting for You at Home” call “former fellow soldiers” for leaving the rows of terrorists and returning to peaceful life under the Program as sooner or later they will have to answer in law for membership in criminal organizations.


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