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Real perspectives for the participants of the SBU Program “Waiting for You at Home”

The SBU officials in the framework of the Program “Waiting for You at Home” returned to the peaceful life two participants of the illegal armed formations.

The resident of the Pokrovskyi district of Donetsk region in 2015 moved with children to her ex-husband in Donetsk. Absence of the possibility to return to the territory under control of Ukraine and lack of livelihood forced her to join one of the illegal armed formations. In course of time, the woman resumed the search for the opportunities for returning home, as she couldn’t any longer see the high-handedness of the natives of Russia, quite a few of whom were members of the illegal armed group. Having found about the Program “Waiting for You at Home” from her sister, she decided to apply to the Ukrainian law enforcers.

The resident of the Marinskyi district also joined the militants in 2015. Having worked for nothing and suffered because of humiliation from the leaders of the terrorist group and his Russian “colleagues”, the man quickly realized his false choice. He left the illegal armed group and moved to Russia, being afraid of criminal punishment in Ukraine. But life in the foreign land appeared no better than the ex-militant expected. Then he decided to find ways to return home. Having learned about the SBU Program «Waiting for You at Home» from his acquaintances, he made an application to the SBU.

In both cases the circumstances are verified by the law enforcers. They are at home, with their families, waiting for the court decision.

Ex-members of illegal armed formation called those who hesitate to return to the territory under control of Ukraine. They apply them not to hesitate, because relatives, mothers and daughters are waiting for them. Only time isn’t waiting and works against them.

From the beginning of the SBU Program «Waiting for You at Home», the court has already discharged from criminal responsibility almost 200 of its participants. Another fifteenth are waiting for the court decision.

The SBU Program «Waiting for You at Home» works effectively. Peoples get real perspectives of returning to peaceful life. For this reason, another part, carrying out instructions of Russian curators, spreads untruthful rumors as if the Program is intended only to lure citizens from occupied territories. Moreover, the terrorists started a similar action, without realizing that any person under any conditions wouldn’t return to the territory, occupied by militants.

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