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SBU detains arms dealers from ATO area (video)

In Zaporizhzhia Region the Security Service of Ukraine together with prosecutors disrupted activity of a criminal group of arms dealers from the ATO area.

The SBU officers detained a serviceman from the ATO area and a resident of Donetsk Region while attempting to sell firearms and ammunition.

During detention the offenders were seized of an AGS-17 grenade launcher with two cassettes of 29 rounds, three AKSU assault rifles, an AK-74 assault rifle, more than four thousands different caliber rounds, 15 magazines to Kalashnikov assault rifle, 12 F-1 grenades and 8 RGD-5 grenades with fuses.

Dealers planed to sell firearms for UAH 100,000.

The perpetrators were detained under Article 208 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine. A question regarding notification of suspicion under Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and a measure of restraint stands to be solved.

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