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The SBU Exposed Subversive Activity of the Russian Group of the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (video)

The Security Service of Ukraine obtained evidence of cooperation of the Russian officers of the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) with terrorists. The Head of the Security Service of Ukraine informed of it during the briefing.

 According to him, there is a lot of evidence that the Russian officers under cover of JCCC's mandate take part and directly conduct exercises of terrorist formations and also supply the temporarily occupied territories with military-learning literature.   

On January 27, during the next military personnel rotation of the Russian unit of the JCCC's mission and during the border clearance 14 classified books on the art of war were confiscated from the Russian officers captain Sergii Kutsenko and major Oleksandr Kornik. The topics of the books included:

  • conducting of blasting operations and mine lifting;  
  • installation and equipment of automobiles with a machinegun;
  • creation of fortifications and defensive installations.

The discrepancy of fundamental data (name, patronymic) was also revealed concerning the servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces major Akimov Andrii Valeriiovych (in the note – OleksandrValentynovych) and absence in appropriate registers of captain Kutsenko Sergii Mykolaiovych. The decision on their return to Russia was taken.

On February 2, 2016, the materials, confirming the assistance to the DNR/LNR terrorists, were confiscated during the search of personal belongings of the Russian Armed Forces servicemen on the checkpoint «Hoptivka» in Kharkiv Region.  

The educational materials and course of lectures were seized during the inspection of personal belongings of the Chief of Staff – Deputy Director of the Russian party in the JCCC colonel Ihor Kirsanov, liaison officer lieutenant-colonel Eduard Anisimov, officer of duty staff № 1 major Damir Shanharieiev, officer observer major Oleksandr Andriushkin. The materials contained information:

  • on exploitation of modern combat tank elements in special circumstances;
  • on exploitation of hand grenades, mines, blast cartridges and sets during the disruption of bridges, houses and other buildings;
  • the study manuals for the exploiting of multiple launch rocket systems «Smerch», «Urahan», «Hrad» etc.;
  • a writing-pad with notes on ground reconnaissance and many handwritten remarks with signs of secret writing.

The educational materials confiscated from colonel Kirsanov contained:

  • «Guidelines for organization of conduct of operations in populated areas»
  • «Tactical river crossing»
  • «Instructions in reference to the training program of sniper specialists in training camps»
  • «Materials on implementation of trap-mines, principles of operation, security measures, and exploitation of trap-mines of diverse modifications (ML-7, MS-3, ML-8)»
  • «Special characteristics of accomplishment of reconnaissance tactical missions and route clearance by experience of conduct of operations in conditions of armed conflicts»
  • «Basics of target effects»
  • «Defense of the combined arms units and formations»
  • «Principles of tactical movements»
  • «Special characteristics of armored offensive (armored infantry regiment) at night»
  • «Forces and facilities of the conducting of combined action»
  • «Tank weapon system, combat vehicle weapon system and armored vehicle weapon system»
  • «Army training program, book № 5 «For reconnaissance units»»
  • «Military characteristics and also schemes of difference charges (hollow, incendiary, trench)»
  • «Military characteristics and also schemes of difference blasting devices (railroad, antipersonnel)»
  • «Lectures on implementation, equipage and exploitation of BM 9A52-2 (missile shot), MLRS «Smerch» (9K58), 9A52»
  • «Manual of operations of artillery missile»


«Actually, these materials are directly connected with operations on the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine», - noticed the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The originals of the abstracts of fine, certified by the seal, of so-called Minister of Defense of «DNR» «On conferment of soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces of DNR, who showed bravery» for «military acts of velour, for assistance to DNR in combating Ukrainian aggression by the peacekeeping soldiers» and medals «Peacekeeping soldier» were withdrawn from lieutenant colonel Yelizar Popov, majors Serhii Trofymenko and Yurii Frolov.

Different military chevrons, flags of the illegal armed formations so-called «DNR/LNR» and souvenirs propagandizing for terrorist groups and so-called «novorosiia» were also confiscated from the Russians.



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