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09:35, 10 may 2016
In Kherson Region, the Security Service of Ukraine neutralized a terrorist group trying to destabilize the situation during celebration marking the 71st anniversary of the Victory Day.
11:49, 07 may 2016
The Security Service of Ukraine together with the Prosecutor’s Office and Police internal security arrested three police officers who under the guise of road police systematically received bribes from drivers.
11:02, 07 may 2016
The landing operation training of the SBU Special Operations Center “A” tactical groups was conducted on their training ground.
17:35, 06 may 2016
The SBU together with the prosecutor’s office revealed an illegal activity of the owner of some fuel and power factories and provision enterprises, who was financing LNR terrorists.
09:50, 06 may 2016
The SBU together with the police apprehended an informer of the “DNR” terrorist organization in Donetsk region. During a long period of time the criminal provided the terrorists with information about the locations and traffic routs of the military equipment and personnel of the ATO units. Using his information the terrorists have repeatedly fired the positions of Ukrainian soldiers. The police launched a criminal case upon Part 1, Article 256 (providing assistance for the members of criminal organizations) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.
15:54, 05 may 2016
Previously the criminal took part in military operations in the ATO area. His arrest was conducted within the investigation of the criminal case on his associate, who was apprehended by the SBU while selling four RPG-26 grenade launchers at the end of April.
15:31, 04 may 2016
The perpetrator with the use of Internet by means of Voice Over IP avoiding international commutation centers received international telephone traffic from Russia. Later it was processed with the use of specialized telecom software and under the guise of local phone communications was transferred to the Ukrainian mobile operators’ networks.
13:49, 19 april 2016
Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk Region – The Security Service of Ukraine jointly with the Military Law and Order Service exposed a large cache with weapons and ammunition. According to findings, the hidden place was equipped in 2014 by militants of the LNR terrorist organization. In addition, means of destruction were stolen by terrorists during capture of military units and divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Sievierodonetsk.
10:58, 19 april 2016
Kahrkiv Region – The SBU officers jointly with prosecutors detained two mid-level executives of the Kupiansk customs station on bribery charges.
10:16, 19 april 2016
Near a bridge across the Aidar river between the villages of Polovynkyne and Tytarivka in Luhansk Region the SBU in cooperation with the Starobilsk Military Commandant's Office and police discovered an arms cache.

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