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Evidence of PMC "Wagner" criminal activities

15:26, 26 july 2018
Russian political and military leadership intentionally hides from its people huge casualties of mercenaries in the hybrid war in Ukraine and Syria. Ihor Huskov, the Chairman of the SBU Head’s Office stated this at a briefing.
10:28, 02 june 2018
Four years ago, on May 29, 2014, a special unit of the Russian special services called Wagner Private Military Company, consisting of 86 people (for year numbers increased to 1,500), secretly invaded the territory of Luhansk region. SBU identified personal data of each terrorist. Most of the mercenaries in 2013 took part in hostilities in Syria as part of the “Slovianskyi Corpus" company, and later were used by Russia for military operations during the annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.
09:29, 19 may 2018
The Security Service of Ukraine keeps on public informing about recording results of Russian war crimes in the territory of Ukraine.
14:27, 15 may 2018
Almost a year ago the SBU began public information about results of its investigation on terrorist activities of Russian special service mercenaries from among of so-called PMC “Wagner” in Donbas.
15:27, 07 may 2018
SSU documented that Russian officers trained the “Putin’s private army” in tactical, firearm, engineering and artillery matters, educating crews of tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers, Infantry Vehicles and Air Defense Units. “We have identified Oleg Demyanenko, the Lieutenant-Colonel of the Russian Armed Forces, who is directly responsible for training of the “Karpaty” tactical company staffed mainly by the citizens of Ukraine, members of Donbas-based criminal groups,” said the SSU Head. According to him, this group was formed to conduct reconnaissance and terrorist activities on the territory of Ukraine. SSU has identified all 56 members of the "Karpaty" reconnaissance and terrorist group and will publish it in the near future.
21:03, 18 april 2018
With a smile I read the commentary of the “sagacious” official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Russia regarding the published by SBU testimony of a person directly engaged in transfer of the PMC Wagner mercenaries to Syria by the Russian Navy.
09:02, 18 april 2018
SBU officers interrogated the witness of transporting mercenaries of the PMC Wagner to Syria by the naval forces of Russia.
16:06, 23 march 2018
SBU established the new facts of criminal activity of the Russian special services in different countries of the world, in particular, against Ukraine. The SBU published a dossier on two more Russian mercenaries involved in crimes of the Kremlin.
10:07, 25 november 2017
The SBU confirms that the additional forces of PMC “Vagner” came to the territory of temporarily occupied districts of Luhansk region for armed assistance to so-called “Minister of Internal Affairs of LNR” Ihor Kornet.
13:00, 02 november 2017
The Security Service of Ukraine continues to share data concerning crimes committed by the militants of the so-called “Wagner” private military group.

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