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SBU Program “Waiting for you at home” helps three ex-militants of ORDLO (SDDLR)

Under the SBU Program “Waiting for you at home” the court of Donetsk region discharged from criminal responsibility two members of illegal armed groups.

The intelligence agency operatives established that both Sloviiansk residents in 2014 joined the “DNR” terrorist organization under the influence of Russian propaganda. Being within the gang group they guarded illegal checkpoints of militants.

But, being disappointed in real fundamentals of “russkiy mir”, men left terrorists and returned to the territory under Ukrainian power control. Being afraid of criminal responsibility they were hiding in Sloviiansk.

After knowing about the SBU Program “Waiting for you at home”, ex-militants called on to the law-enforcement bodies.

The pretrial investigation established that both residents of Donetsk region didn’t take direct part in combat operations and didn’t commit other crimes. In this connection Sloviiansk interdistrict court discharged two ex-members of illegal armed groups from criminal responsibility.

Another militant of the “DNR” terrorist organization, which was hiding in the Russian territory, used the SBU Program “Waiting for you at home”.

The law-enforcers established that Kramatorsk resident joined illegal armed formation, and was engaged in duty at the checkpoints of militants. After liberation of the city by the ATO forces a man left his “associates”. For a long time he was hiding in the Russian territory because of the fair of criminal responsibility for membership within illegal armed group.

By means of the Internet a man got wind of the SBU Program “Waiting for you at home” and decided to call on to law-enforcers. In the framework of criminal proceeding the circumstances of committed violation by the ex-militant have been checked. At present a man is at home with his family and is waiting for discharge from criminal responsibility.

Adopting the path of peaceful life, men called the members of illegal armed groups of ORDLO (SDDLR) for laying down arms and coming back to peaceful life.   


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