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“Waiting for You at Home” - news

10:29, 13 december 2016
The resident of Donetsk region went to Donetsk under the influence of his friends and because of lack of work had joined illegal armed group of the so-called DNR. After getting weapon, military uniform and ID-card he guarded the home stations of militants there.
09:39, 08 december 2016
The resident of Donetsk region joined militants in 2014 and started to guard checkpoints on the Kyiv-Dovzhanskyi route. In the long term he realized that he had made a grand mistake and escaped from his accomplices.
10:23, 07 december 2016
The resident of Luhansk region joined militants in April 2014 and was in charge of the checkpoints. He escaped from his criminal partners and hided from them after understanding that terrorist leaders had been using him for their personal enrichment and “the young republic” is only the cover for earning bloody money.
10:15, 05 december 2016
The court released former member of the so-called LNR from penalty under the SBU Program “Waiting for You at Home”.
10:39, 03 december 2016
The resident of the Donetsk Region joined the DNR illegal armed group in 2014. His was tasked with constructing fortifications, logistic activity, duty on checkpoints, checking IDs and vehicles.
10:21, 02 december 2016
In April, 2014 a citizen of Donetsk Region joined one of the illegal formations of the so-called «DNR». He kept guard on the checkpoint, scrutinized documents and vehicles of citizens.
12:47, 01 december 2016
Donetsk resident went to Luhansk region to earn money. With this aim he joined one of the so-called LNR armed groups. He worked as a driver, transported fuel, repaired the vehicles of the militants and stood guard with weapons in his arms.
11:56, 30 november 2016
Since the beginning of combat operations in Donetsk region the former official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine couldn’t leave temporarily occupied territory and had to find a job in the “DNR supreme court”. During 2015-2016 he selected and checked candidates for employment in fake institution.
10:20, 29 november 2016
In 2014, a Donetsk resident left his job and joined one of the armed groups of the DNR terrorists. Believing to the promises of high earnings, he protected a former SBU building in Donetsk and served as a convoy.
12:11, 28 november 2016
The Donetsk resident due to difficult financial situation joined the illegal armed group Oplot in 2015. In the terrorist group, the man got the appointment of a driver and transported ammunition, food and militants.

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