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SBU investigates causes of devastating floods in Western Ukraine as Ecocide

The Security Service of Ukraine investigates the causes of devastating floods in Western Ukraine under the Article 441 "Ecocide" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine to establish all the circumstances that may have been affected by the activity and inaction of officials.

The operatives documented the mass destruction of flora, which could probably lead to an ecological catastrophe. The service submitted to the prosecutor's office materials on illegal logging, improper forestry activities and non-compliance with environmental protection measures by authorized persons in the western regions of Ukraine.

Reportedly, in June 2020 there was an excessive amount of rainfall.  As a result, our citizens died and in the territory of Prykarpattia alone more than 10,000 houses were flooded, more than 700 kilometers of roads and almost 200 bridges were destroyed and damaged, more than 4,000 meters of river bank protection were destroyed.

The causes and preconditions that led to human casualties, flooding and underflooding of infrastructure, buildings, land, households, damage and destruction of facilities due to excessive rainfall are being examined. One of the theories supposes, that damages are likely to be caused by illegal management, inaction of officials responsible for environmental protection of various authorities.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Ivano-Frankivsk region initiated a criminal proceeding under Article 441 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Ecocide).

The pre-trial investigation in the criminal proceeding is entrusted to the investigative department of the SBU Office in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The urgent investigation is underway.

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