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Zhytomyr region: SBU documents illegal large-scale mining of granite

The SBU documented illegal large-scale mining of granite worth over UAH 70 million (USD 2.6 million) in Zhytomyr region.

During the pre-trial investigation, SBU officers documented that a group of foreigners from Caucasus organized illegal mining. The offenders have been living in Ukraine for the last few years. The legality of their staying in Ukraine is now being checked.

The offenders bought illegally mined granite in quarries of Korostyshiv district.  Allegedly, a state-owned enterprise was one of the suppliers. Its workers mined granite having no permits for such activity in this area.

Technological processing of granite was carried out in the legal stone processing shops affiliated with the offenders. In order to legalize granite and gather a set of customs documents for the further export, organizers  registered several sole proprietors on “their” brokers.  They provided customs and logistical support of granite exports.

According to intelligence, over the past few years, the offenders have sold granite worth more than UAH 85 million (USD 3.2 million), while according to the documents - only UAH 14 million (USD 519,000).

During the searches in offenders’ stone-mining enterprises and productions, offices and residences, law enforcement officers seized documents proving their illegal activity. Another illegal cargo with granite blocks was stopped on the way out of an illegal quarry.

The full amount of losses caused due to illegal mining and non-receipt of mandatory payments to the state budget is being estimated within criminal proceeding under P.3 Art.191 and P.4 Art.240 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The operation was conducted by the SBU Office in Zhytomyr region jointly with specialists of the State Geocadastre and the State Labor Department, Polissya Ecological Inspectorate under the legal supervision of Prosecutor's Office of Zhytomyr region.

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