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14:43, 30 june 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine detained in Kyiv city a former Deputy Chairman of the Board of one of the commercial banks, who for USD 25,000 "sold" the position of the Head of one of the Departments of the National Bank.
09:00, 28 june 2020
Dear colleagues, I sincerely congratulate the staff of the Security Service of Ukraine and all Ukrainians on the holiday! In its work, the Service is guided by the Main Law of Ukraine - the Constitution of our state. Every day we do not just follow the letter of the law, but protect the freedoms and values reflected in it.
19:00, 26 june 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine jointly with the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine under the procedural supervision of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, documented the head and an official of the Regional State Administration on extorting money from the managers of some controlling bodies in the region.
17:09, 26 june 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine investigates the causes of devastating floods in Western Ukraine under the Article 441 "Ecocide" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine to establish all the circumstances that may have been affected by the activity and inaction of officials.
13:17, 26 june 2020
In Odesa, the SBU stopped an attempt of neo-Nazi organization to arson a mosque on the eve of the Day of Crimean Tatar National Flag and Constitution Day of Ukraine.
10:29, 26 june 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine has detained in Vinnytsia city a police officer representing himself as an Adviser to the President of Ukraine on extortion of more than UAH 1,100,000 (USD 40,741) from a local businessman.
09:28, 26 june 2020
SBU exposed in Odesa city the prosecutor of the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Southern region of Ukraine on bribe-taking.
15:20, 24 june 2020
The SBU documented illegal large-scale mining of granite worth over UAH 70 million (USD 2.6 million) in Zhytomyr region.
10:00, 24 june 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine blocked the activity of interregional conversion center, which every month moved out circa UAH 400,000,000 (USD 15,000,000).
09:06, 24 june 2020
Since the beginning of 2020, the Security Service of Ukraine seized 207 firearms, 159 kg of explosives and over 45,000 rounds, grenades and shells from the illegal trafficking.

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