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Return to peaceful life - the program "Waiting for You at Home" helped two more militants (video)

The SBU Program “Waiting for You at Home” helped two former militants of “DNR” terrorist organization to return to peaceful life.

Law enforcers established that a resident of Slov’yansk joined the illegal armed formations in 2014. There he was involved in serving on the illegal checkpoints.

After short-term service, man decided to leave the illegal armed formation but received murder threats from the yesterday's “comrades”. Having waited for the right moment, he escaped from the terrorists and was hiding for some time in his relatives’ residence on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.  

Being informed about the SBU program “Waiting for You at Home”, the former militant voluntarily applied to the SBU.

A resident of the Andriivka village (Donetsk region), who also served at the illegal checkpoints in April-May 2014, also became disappointed with the “Russki Mir” ideas. For the attempt to leave the illegal armed formation, representatives of the so-called “DNR Staff” arrested the man, beaten him up and thrown into detention. After some time, he did manage to escape from the terrorists.

On the Internet, the former militant learned about the SBU Program “Waiting for You at Home” and voluntarily reported to the law enforcers about his participation in the illegal armed formation.

After the examination, the SBU officers established that both residents of Donetsk region weren’t involved in hostilities and did not commit other serious or grave crimes. Respectively, the court released the former participants of the illegal armed formations from the criminal responsibility.

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