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Russia makes attempts to suppress evidence of its involvement in act of terrorism over Ukraine
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19 July 2014







The Security Service of Ukraine has compelling evidence that a Boeing 777 aircraft was shot down with the use of Buk anti-missile system which together with a crew had been transferred from Russia to Ukraine, the Head of the SSU Department Vitalii Naida informed during the briefing at the Crisis Media Center.

‘The SSU conducts investigative actions and receives irrefutable evidence that Russian citizens were involved in the act of terrorism,’ – Naida said. He assured the evidence had been already forwarded to all the Service’s international partners. The SSU directly cooperates with the Dutch police and law enforcers from other states whose citizens became victims of the 17 July terrorist act.

The SSU senior officer showed journalists photos of a Buk launcher on one of the streets in the town of Torez, and photos of a convoy transporting the launcher across Donetsk region.

In addition, a photo was released taken at the moment of a missile launch near Torez towards the village of Snizhne. It distinctly depicts contrail of the missile that shot down the Boeing 777 with civilians aboard. Vitalii Naida emphasized that the Service had identified a launch point in the district controlled by terrorists and Russian military.

The SSU representative informed as well that the Russian side ordered terrorists to withdraw Buk launchers from Ukraine. 

At 2:00, July 18, two movers each with a Buk missile launcher crossed the Russian border in Luhansk region. At 4:00, another three movers: one of them empty, other carrying a launcher with four missiles and the latter allegedly with a control unit, crossed the state border.

He stressed that Russia attempted to suppress evidence of its involvement in the terrorist act.

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