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Terrorists' talks intercepted by the SSU confirm they received from Russia a 'BUK-M' anti-aircraft missile system with a Russian crew
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18 July 2014

The Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Mr. Valentyn Nalyvaichenko has made public the evidence that terrorists received from Russia a ‘BUK-M’ anti-aircraft missile system with a Russian crew, which is confirmed by intercepted terrorists’ talks.


‘Criminal proceedings following the fact of shooting down an aircraft that happened over the territory of Ukraine has been initiated by the SSU Investigative Directorate on the Article ‘Terrorist Act’. The passenger aircraft was shot down by a missile from ‘BUK-M’ anti-aircraft missile system, which together with the crew had been transported from the Russian territory. There is evidence of this’, - Mr. Nalyvaichenko said.

The Head of SSU stressed that the Security Service of Ukraine intends to demand identification of the ‘BUK-M’ crew that shot down the civilian Malaysian airliner.

‘The priority for us is to establish, including through international institutions (during  hearings at UN and OSCE special sessions), receive from the Russian side surnames of all the three crew members – Russian military servicemen – who were the ones who guided the system, pulled the trigger and launched a missile at a civilian passenger plane’, - stated Mr. Nalyvaichenko.

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