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Address of the Security Service of Ukraine directory on the occasion of the Day of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes Dear Colleagues!
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20 February 2016

By order of the President of Ukraine the Day of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes is celebrated on February 20th – in honour of bravery, moral courage and firmness of those who laid down their life during the Revolution of Dignity, defending the ideals of democracy, fighting for human rights and freedoms, European future of Ukraine.

Revolution of Dignity has become a great and at the same time tragic page of our history. It was then that we overcame evil forces with the help of powerfull will of millions of Ukrainians and took the path which will definitely lead Ukraine to worthy future.

Many generations of Ukrainians laid down their life in the name of sovereign State. We are filled with their spirit, the spirit of our freedom-loving ancestors, rich history. We honour heroes of different historic events. Now these lists are added with the names of the Heavenly Hundred, participants of the Revolution of Dignity and war in the East of Ukraine. Without imperishable memory of our fallen blood brothers we will not build a powerful Ukrainian State.

Let’s merit this memory in the name of the present and future generations, in the name of freedom and independence of our Motherland.

Let a moving recollection of fallen heroes unite us, give strength and freedom, wisdom and inspiration to strengthen Ukrainian State on Ukrainian land.

Glory to our heroes!

Glory to Ukraine!


The Head of the Security Service of Ukraine

Colonel General                                                                                 V. Hrytsak

“17” February 2016


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