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SBU detains FSB spy tasked to recruit Ukrainian soldiers in Luhansk Region
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15 December 2015

The SBU counterintelligence officers in Luhansk Region detained an employee of a so called “ministry of internal affairs” of the LNR terrorist organization.

The terrorist arrived to the Government-controlled area of the Region in December to fulfill Russian supervisors’ task and recruit Ukrainian soldiers.

The FSB spy chose to target a Ukrainian border guard. She was planning to persuade him to defect and join the LNR terrorists by any means.

According to the Russian special service’s scenario the treason was supposed to be reported by Russian and separatist TV channels in another press-conference with the defector’s “confession”.

The penetrator is currently in custody. Pretrial investigation as for her participation in the terrorist organization activity is ongoing.

Commentary. During 2015 the personnel of the Counterintelligence Department of the SBU in Luhansk Region had been almost completely renewed. Now employees from Central and Western Ukraine work in the ATO area. It is their efforts that helped to detect numerous information sources of terrorists and Russian special services, neutralize arsenals of weaponry and weapons of mass destruction aimed at committing acts of sabotage, to prevent the use of family ties of the ATO forces soldiers which could harm the interests of Ukraine.

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