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A session of the SBU Board with participation of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was held
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29 December 2015

The President Petro Poroshenko took part in a session of the SBU Board, which was dedicated to summing up the 2015 results.

The Head of State noted fundamental changes, which took place in the SBU throughout the year. “Actually, we built new Security Service of  Ukraine and now Ukrainian nation and I as a President and Supreme Commander, can see inspired servicemen, which are confident of their honorable and important state mission”,  President announced.

The President outlined, that decisive actions against the aggression forced the enemy to carry out new forms of hybrid war against to Ukraine – subversive acts and terrorist attacks, using the agents of influence, a sharp intensification in the information environment. These actions are aimed at splitting Ukraine and destabilization of domestic political situation.

President Poroshenko mentioned extremely high effectiveness of the SBU’s counter-terrorist and counter-subversive activity. During operational activities more than 20 hostile sabotage and reconnaissance groups were rendered harmless, more that 200 acts of terror in different regions of Ukraine were prevented, the activity of more than 70 extremist groups was disrupted, investigations of espionage and high treason cases were conducted (114 suspects are brought to criminal responsibility. The court already sentenced 27 individuals).  About 1500 weapons and more than 2 tons of explosives were seized from detainees.  

“The enemy must know that nobody can brake up and scare our Ukrainian nation! We, Ukrainians, chose our way, we know its price and we will go further, defending Ukrainian liberty and sovereignty!”, – President said.

At the SBU Board session Ukrainian President named combating against corruption SBU’s main task for the next year and called for providing comprehensive implementation of counter-corruption policy, especially at judicial authority, law enforcement and other state areas.

“I’m waiting for increase of cooperation effectiveness, when every Ukrainian could see changes at combating against corruption in Ukraine”, - Petro Poroshenko announced.

The Head of State named another important task for the SBU, which is the realization of systematic approach to implementation of counter-intelligence regime in the country. In conditions of an open democratic society, President announced a need to provide effective resistance to Russian aggression and its puppets, so called “LNR” and “DNR”, and aggression, which is spreading from Crimea.

The President gave a task to the SBU to work out a Concept of counter-intelligence regime implementation in Ukraine.

In turn, the SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak underlined that sharp internal and external threats and processes influenced operative situation in 2015. “Efforts of the SBU were primarily aimed at implementation of the Minsk agreement”, - Vasyl Hrytsak said.

He added, that first of all the Security Service opposed  to subversive operations in tactical rear of the ATO forces, on other territories of Russia’s strategic interest, attempts of internal terrorism, illegal weapon circulation, corruption.

“We also take active measures to prevent spreading in Ukraine of the activity of the international terrorist organization “Islamic State”, – Hrytsak underlined.

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