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Follow-up to temporary entry and exit procedures for citizens of Ukraine and foreigners (stateless persons) visiting the uncontrolled territory as of June 16, 2015 (extracts)
8 October 2015
"Ukrzaliznytsia" officials misappropriate dozens of millions of hryvnias
The SSU in cooperation with Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine leads the pre-trial investigation under the fact of misappropriation by the officials of the state enterprise "Ukrzaliznytsia" and TOV "Smart menedzher" of state funds totaling UAH 21 million.
8 October 2015
SSU reveals fraud notary, who illegally reregistered state property in Donetsk region
The SSU revealed the sham scheme, the realization of which resulted in state losses totaling UAH 213 million.
8 October 2015
SSU reveals frauds, who "appointed" citizens to chief posts to governmental services for money
The SSU suppressed the activity of organized criminal group, which promised to assist for money reward in appointing to chief posts to governmental services for money. The officers of the SSU Chief Office on Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime in cooperation with investigators of Militia and Public Prosecutor's Office in Kyiv registered the fact of bribe extortion from the state serviceman, totaling USD 20 thousand for assisting in appointing him to governmental authorities of Ukraine.
8 October 2015
SSU detains organizer of psychotropic substances supply channel to Ukraine
The SSU detained the drug dealer at a post office in Darnytsia district, Kyiv, while receiving the parcel. The law enforcers seized almost one kilo of powder like substance with particularly dangerous prohibited psychotropic component
8 October 2015
Dnipropetrovsk region - SSU detains "Oplot" fighter
The SSU officers detained in Dniprodzerzhynsk the fighter of illegal armed formation "Oplot".
7 October 2015
Kharkiv - SSU detains militia investigator on taking USD 600 bribe
The SSU in cooperation with Public Prosecutor's Office detained the chief of investigation division of a district unit of Kharkiv city militia office on taking bribes. The bribe taker extorted USD 600 from Kharkiv resident for not prosecuting for intentional infliction of bodily injuries.
7 October 2015
Donetsk region - SSU exposes cache with plastic explosives
Near the village of Aslanove, Volodarskyi district, Donetsk region, the Security Service of Ukraine exposed a cache with explosive devices and ammunition.
7 October 2015
Donetsk region - SSU detains cargo with medicines totaling UAH 400 thousand
Near the village of Rozivka, Yasynuvate district, Donetsk region, officers of the Security Service of Ukraine detained a minibus with a large lot of medicines.
7 October 2015
Kyiv region - SSU reveals channel of weapons and ammunition supply from ATO area
The SSU uncovered the fact of smuggling from ATO area of a big lot of firearms and ammunition with the aim of illegal sale.
6 October 2015
Kyiv - SSU detains group of extorters, headed by counter-intelligence lieutenant colonel
The SSU officials detained in Kyiv three individuals, who extorted USD 280 thousand from a businessman as though for debts before a companion.
6 October 2015
DNR fighter backs to peaceful life
The SSU continues realization of program of returning to controlled by Ukraine territories of the citizens, who voluntary refused to participate in military operations on the side of DNR\LNR.
6 October 2015
SSU detains terrorists' agent, who tried to receive information on ATO HQ in Kramatorsk
Kramatorsk, Donetsk region - The SSU detained DNR terrorists' informer.
6 October 2015
Kherson - SSU detains militia investigator on taking UAH 70 thousand bribe (video)
Kherson region - The SSU detained deputy chief of investigation division of Hennichesk militia district office on bribery charges.
6 October 2015
Kyiv region - Two bribe takers from civil service were notified of suspicion
The head of a village council in Borodianka district, Kyiv region, and the chief of executive department of Kyiv regional office of the Centre of State Land Cadastre were notified of a suspicion under Part 3 Article 368 (receiving of illegal benefit) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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Applications for accreditation in the ATO area

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