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22 July 2014
SSU detained terrorist group ready for terrorist attacks in Odessa
The Security Service of Ukraine prevented terrorist attacks with improvised explosive devices in crowded downtown areas and against politicians in Odesa.
22 July 2014
Pre-trial investigation against Russian spy "Bagira" completed
July 21, 2014 the SSU completed the pre-trial investigation and submitted to the court an indictment concerning the Russian citizen of M.Koleda (handle 'Bagira' (Bagheera) who committed crimes to destabilize the situation in the southern regions of Ukraine.
22 July 2014
SSU seized from militants of Kramatorsk a considerable amount of cash
The SSU Counterintelligence Department revealed and stopped financing channel of OleksanderTkachov (nickname "Medved") criminal group. After the liberation of Kramatorsk by ATO forces, the militants escaped to the base of GRU RF in the AR of Crimea and tried in phases to pass over to the peninsula territory assets for continuation of terrorist activity on the territory of Ukraine.
22 July 2014
SSU captured the contact point of militants' actions
The Security Service of Ukraine revealed and stopped the criminal activity of sabotage and subversive group, organized by the Russian special services from among citizens of Ukraine, members of which illegally delivered to Ukraine from the RF military equipment and mercenaries.
21 July 2014
Nalyvaichenko: National security - firm anti-corruption cleanup of all law enforcement bodies and courts
The Security Service of Ukraine is in the process of an anti-corruption cleanup, stated the SSU Head Mr.Valentyn Nalyvaichenko in an interview with an online media OstroV.
21 July 2014
SSU detained three taxmen on a bribe
The Security Service of Ukraine jointly with the bodies of prosecutor's office stopped illegal activity of the officials of Brovarskaya joint state tax inspection of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of revenues in Kyiv region, which systematically squeezed and received money from entrepreneurs of Brovarskyi region, which finally complained over to the SSU.
21 July 2014
SSU officials stopped the drug dealers' group activity in Kyiv region
The SSU officials stopped organized criminal group activity, consisted of more than scores of people, including militia officials, which assisted drug dealers to avoid uncovering and conviction of a criminal offence. In the drug labs the malefactors manufactured and sold in the capital and in Kyiv region a psychotropic substance of very high concern - amphetamine.
21 July 2014
SSU submits to court an indictment against violent protester in Donetsk
July 15, 2014, the SSU Chief Investigative Directorate submitted to court an indictment against a Ukrainian citizen R.Doni, who participated on March 15-16, 2014, in mass riots in Donetsk. April 4, 2014, he was detained and under the court decision was kept in custody during the pre-trial investigation.
21 July 2014
Security Service of Ukraine detained in the capital a criminal group of persons, which established illegal weapon turnover (video)
In the frameworks of criminal proceeding, initiated by the SSU Office in Zaporizhzhya region, law-enforcers documented several facts of weapon realization. It was established that criminal group involved three citizens of Ukraine - two are the residents of the capital and one is the resident of Dnipropetrovsk region.
20 July 2014
SSU uploads evidence of terrorists and Russian side concealing flight recorders from civilian Boeing 777 jetliner crashed on July 17 over Donetsk region (video)
19 July 2014
Russia makes attempts to suppress evidence of its involvement in act of terrorism over Ukraine
The Security Service of Ukraine has compelling evidence that a Boeing 777 aircraft was shot down with the use of Buk anti-missile system which together with a crew had been transferred from Russia to Ukraine, the Head of the SSU Department Vitalii Naida informed during the briefing at the Crisis Media Center.
19 July 2014
SSU identified and detained a hoax caller
The Security Service of Ukraine has identified an anonymous who on June 7-8, during the solemnities on the occasion of the inauguration of the President of Ukraine, reported about an alleged minelaying of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Main railway station in Kiev.
18 July 2014
Terrorists' talks intercepted by the SSU confirm they received from Russia a 'BUK-M' anti-aircraft missile system with a Russian crew
The Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Mr. Valentyn Nalyvaichenko has made public the evidence that terrorists received from Russia a 'BUK-M' anti-aircraft missile system with a Russian crew, which is confirmed by intercepted terrorists' talks. 'Criminal proceedings following the fact of shooting down an aircraft that happened over the territory of Ukraine has been initiated by the SSU Investigative Directorate on the Article 'Terrorist Act'. The passenger aircraft was shot down by a missile from 'BUK-M' anti-aircraft missile system, which together with the crew had been transported from the Russian territory. There is evidence of this', - Mr. Nalyvaichenko said.
18 July 2014
The Security Service of Ukraine intercepted telephone conversations - I. Bezler (aka 'Bes') reports to his coordinator, the Russian GRU colonel V. Geranin on a civil airplane recently shot down by militants. (video)

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