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24 November 2015
SSU prevents subversion in Luhansk region
The SSU in cooperation with Police, State Emergency Service, and bomb-disposal experts prevented subversion in the area of village of Bovrove, Sieverodonetsk district, Luhansk region. Near the road, close to armor of gas pipe line, the law enforcers detected polythene bag, wrapped with scotch tape. There was electric wire lying from the package towards forest area. The dangerous finding was defused. Four 200-gr TNT blocks with connected detonators were seized.
24 November 2015
Kyiv - SSU suppresses technical support of terrorist TV channel
This morning, in Kyiv the SSU officers launched investigation against individuals, suspected of providing technical support in terrorist channel's "Novorossiia TV" broadcasting on the territory of Ukraine. Within the criminal proceeding initiated under Part 1 Article 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine the searches in the premises, used by the criminals, are ongoing.
24 November 2015
SSU suppresses cooperation between Mykolaiv company and RF military industrial complex enterprise
Mykolaiv - The SSU suppressed the activity of the company, specialized in the development of construction and technological documentation for naval vessels of the RF Navy and Border Guard Service.
24 November 2015
SSU detains terrorists' artillery controller in Mariinka (video)
Mariinka - The SSU in cooperation with Police detained the local resident - the informer of the terrorist organization DPR. The criminal passed the data on dislocation places and personnel of the Ukrainian units to the terrorists, and personally controlled the terrorists' artillery fire.
24 November 2015
SSU seizes grenade launchers from cache in Lysychansk and grenades and rounds from cache in Kherson
On the outskirts of Lysychansk the SSU in cooperation with Police detected the cache with munitions. On the territory of left pioneer camp three grenade launchers RPH-22, five enhanced rounds to grenade launcher RPH-7V and zinc box with 5,45 mm rounds were seized. In a residential area of Kherson the SSU officials revealed the cache from which the grenades F-1 and RHD-5 and big quantity of rounds were seized.
24 November 2015
Lviv region - SSU reveals clandestine manufactory, processing amber
The SSU reveals clandestine manufactory, processing amber. The organizer of the illegal manufactory bought illegally mined "sun stone" from the residents of Rivne and Volyn region. The criminal planned to smuggle the ready products abroad and sell it.
24 November 2015
One another informer of terrorists was detained by SSU in Donetsk region (video)
In the populated place of Nelipivka, Dzerzhynsk district, Donetsk region the SSU in cooperation with Police detained the fighter of terrorist organization DNR. The militant, aka "Bielaz", joined the terrorists in May, 2014. He guarded the check points, with weapons in his hands, checked the documents and belongings of the citizens.
24 November 2015
SSU reveals mechanism of financing terrorists, based on coal procurement by state enterprise
Late 2014 the officials of a state railway enterprise held the open tender on the territory, occupied by terrorists. Twenty tones of coal totaling more than UAH 16 million were the subject of the procurement. One of the private companies, not involved into coal mining, won the tender. The company is registered on the territory of a central collective farm market in Konstiantynivka. The SSU officials established that this company did not conduct business activity, and never supplied coal to the state enterprise from mines, situated on the territory, controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.
12 November 2015
Luhansk region - SSU reveals cache with anti tank grenade launchers and explosives
On the road Svatove-Starobilsk, Luhansk region, the SSU detected the cache with munitions. Near the village of Mistky, close to road bridge, five grenade launchers RPH-26, three RPH - 22, four RPH-18, RHD-5 and F-1 grenades with detonators and one kg of trotyl were seized.
11 November 2015
Luhansk region - Two SSU officers were detained on bribery charges
The SSU Internal Security Department officials in cooperation with Military Prosecutor's Office detained the deputy chief of the National Economy Counterintelligence Protection unit of the SSU Office in Luhansk region and major case operative of Novoaidar SSU unit. The lieutenant colonel and major extorted money from the businessman for returning of seized property. The law enforcers detained the criminals while receiving bribe totaling UAH 160 thousand.
11 November 2015
SSU detains accomplice of Yanukovych, involved into misappropriation of Mezhyhiria and Sukholuchchia
Kyiv - The SSU detained Vasyl Hulyk, the deputy chief of State Management of Affairs during the period of ex-President Yanukovych. The former official was put on the national wanted list. Hulyk was an accomplice of Yanukovych when the latter misappropriated Mezhyhiria and Sukholuchcia. Also in 2007-2010 he headed LTD "Kyivuniversalservis", which was used for illegal transferring into cash of funds, including state funds. The "shadow" funds were used by the LTD for Mezhyhiria needs.
11 November 2015
SSU reveals cache with antitank grenade launchers and rounds near Shchastia
Near the town of Shchastia, Novoaidar district, Luhansk region, the SSU detected the cache with munitions.
11 November 2015
Poltava region - SSU detains two police operatives on bribery charges
Poltava region - The SSU in cooperation with Public Prosecutor's Office and National Police Internal Department officials detained two police men on taking bribes. The corrupted officers extorted USD 1 thousand from the resident of Lubny for not prosecuting him for storage of drug.
10 November 2015
Dnipropetrovsk - SSU and Militia officers were detained on bribery charges
The SSU detained two officers of the SSU and MIA in Dnipropetrovsk region on taking bribe. The criminals extorted money from a local business for assisting in closing of the criminal proceeding and returning of seized products. The Internal Department officers and SSU investigators detained the bribe takers while receiving bribe totaling UAH 1 million 125 thousand from businessmen.
9 November 2015
Bukovyna - SSU detains major of National Guard on bribery charges
Chernivtsi region - The SSU in cooperation with Military Prosecutor's Office detained the chief of squadron of National Guard military unit. The officer extorted EUR 1,5 thousand from his subordinate for assisting in closure of internal investigation on involvement of the military man into drug traffic.

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