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Temporary entry and exit procedures for citizens of Ukraine and foreigners (stateless persons) visiting the uncontrolled territory
According to the Temporary procedures for control over movements of individuals, vehicles and goods along the junction line in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, entry to the uncontrolled territory and exit from it by citizens of Ukraine and foreigners (stateless persons) is allowed on presentation of ID documents and permit, issued by coordination groups. Permits are to be issued by the coordination groups at the MIA City Offices in Starobelsk, Debaltsevo, Velyka Novosilka and Mariupol.
26 January 2015
The Security Service of Ukraine has obtained evidence of commitment of crimes against humanity - against civilian population of Mariupil - by the Russian military personnel and Russian-led terrorists (video)
On January 24 the aggressor committed a crime against humanity - a Russian artillery battery shelled peaceful population of Mariupil using extremely dangerous artillery weapons. Russia's GRAD missile systems killed 30 and wounded over 100 residents of Mariupil. Missile launchers were deployed near Bezimenne village, on the territory controlled by "DNR" separatists.
24 January 2015
SSU detained the terrorists source "Monah" in Dnipropetrovsk (video)
SSU officials detected and detained of so-called terrorist organization "DPR" source, nicknamed "Monah". The resident of Dnipropetrovsk was recruited by "DPR" militants through the social network. Executing terrorists' task, offender created a branched network of sources among internet-users, which regularly reported him on the size and ammunitions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine units, their movements, location of Ukrainian checkpoints and guarding of military-industrial facilities on the territory of Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya regions. Besides, the source made lists of public-spirited citizens and volunteers.
24 January 2015
SSU Counterintelligence detained traitor, which planned to pass secret information to terrorists
SSU officials detected and stopped illegal activities of 42-years old resident of Lysychansk, which planned to pass restricted information to terrorists. It was established that official of State service of special communications and information protection of Ukraine Luhansk unit ensured special communications in Luhansk regional state administration. Having an access to secret information, offender collected it for further passage to russian special services representatives in return for obtaining an appointment in so-called "LPR" special service.
24 January 2015
SSU intercepted of so-called "DPR" terrorists talk, which is absolute evidence of their involvement into Mariupol shootings
SSU Counterintelligence intercepted of so-called "DPR" terrorists leaders, which planned Mariupol shootings. This is an evidence of cynic and conscious crimes against humanity, which were planned and committed by terrorists on the territory of Donetsk region.
23 January 2015
SSU requires to step up security of "Ukrzaliznytsya" and volunteers organizations offices
The SSU Head Valentyn Nalyvaichenko stands for 24-hour security of bridges and railway lines. He stated about this during the conference call with the regional state administrations heads. "Ukrzaliznytsya" and state enterprises, which are under special attention, should change to a mode, recommended by Antiterrorist headquarters and law-enforcement bodies", - Nalyvaichenko stressed.
23 January 2015
SSU and MI will assist volunteers as quick as possible to register permit for uncontrolled territory entry and exit
Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine will assist volunteers as quick as possible to register permit for uncontrolled territory entry and exit. Such information is mentioned in the joint message of the SSU Head Valentyn Nalyvaichenko and the MI of Ukraine Head Arsen Avakov on some aspects of uncontrolled territories in Donetsk and Luhansk entry and exit regime.
23 January 2015
Security Service of Ukraine detained "Oplot" armed militant in Kharkiv region (video)
On January 22, 2015 in the frameworks of antiterrorist events strengthening the Security Service of Ukraine conducted successful special operation on detention of "Oplot" militant in Pervomaiskyi of Kharkiv region.
23 January 2015
SSU eliminated RF special services with terrorists' communication channel
Security Service of Ukraine locked telecommunication program system, which was used by russian special services for coordination of terrorist organizations militants activities.
23 January 2015
SSU detected arms cache on the railway station in Cherkassy region
SSU officials disarmed arms cache in Cherkassy region in the frameworks of events on prevention of terrorist acts and subversives commitment on the transportation facilities. SSU detected a bag with three grenades, two TNT blocks (weighing 600 gr in yield) and improvised explosive device near the walking bridge on the territory of the railway station in Smila.
22 January 2015
SSU detected facts of wasteful spending and money laundering with former heads in Energoatom
Security Service of Ukraine detected facts of wasteful spending and money laundering in the amount of 47 million of UAH with the former officials of "Energoatom". In 2013 offenders organized a deal during buying of cable production for the needs of Ukrainian APS. It was established that the product value, which was bought from commercial structure, far exceed market average prices.
22 January 2015
SSU initiated more than 3 thousand of criminal proceedings upon acts of terrorism and high treason
The SSU investigators had in its possession more than 3 thousand of criminal proceedings upon commitment of crimes against grounds of national and public security since March 2014.
21 January 2015
SSU screens over two thousand officials under lustration
The Security Service of Ukraine checks data given by officials and law enforcers in accordance with the Ukrainian law on lustration. The SSU, in particular, works upon requests from state authorities, agencies and organizations of Ukraine to verify grounds for banning under Parts 3 and 4 Article 1 of the Law.

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Applications for accreditation in the ATO area

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