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19 December 2014
Security Service of Ukraine prevented terrorist act in the center of Kyiv (video)
In due course of the special operation of counterintelligence was detained a subversive, which by the task of foreign special service had to deliver from Luhansk to Kyiv a giant explosive device and to left it in a fixed place. Her Russian supervisors chose for the terrorist act the high-traffic area in Kyiv - Maidan of Independence or governmental section next to the President of Ukraine Administration.
19 December 2014
Verkhovna Rada should create a separate chamber of appeals for investigation of crimes against humanity - SSU Head
A draft bill on creation of separate chamber of appeals at the Supreme Court of Ukraine for investigation of crimes against humanity will be introduced to parliament next week.
19 December 2014
Treatment of injured servicemen - this is a matter of a special importance and individual attention from the side of the Service authorities - Lubkivskyi
In December under the auspices of the Embassy of France in Ukraine the experts of the SSU Military and medical Department adopted from their French colleagues practices of treatment and functional rehabilitation of injured with severe polytraumas. "More than half a year it is under way a joint work of Ukrainian and French doctors, due to which tens of our officials, which were badly injured in battles with terrorists, were got on hind legs", - told the SSU Head adviser Markiyan Lubkivskyi.
19 December 2014
SSU Counterintelligence detained in Donetsk region four citizens of Ukraine, which took an active part in terrorist activities
SSU officials detected and detained the resident of Severodonetsk, YOB: 1967, which by the task of the FSB RF agent personally prepared so-called "the Constitution of the terrorist organization "LPR", which foresaw creation of so-called "Novorossia". This individual processed the methods on preparing and pecularitiesof subversive groups' activities on the territory of Ukraine, detailed plan of illegal capturing of power. These practices were passed personally to Strelkov-Girkin and were used by the paramilitary units during capturingof peaceful towns of the region. Computer equipment with materials of anti-Ukrainian content was seized from the detained individual.
19 December 2014
SSU detained communist, which intended to poison a recharge basin in Kostyantynivka
SSU Counterintelligence detained the deputy of Kostyantynivka, Donetsk region municipal council from the Communist Party of Ukraine, member of "All-Ukrainian union of soviet officers", which planned terrorist acts against Ukrainian servicemen and civilians.
19 December 2014
Dnipropetrovsk region - SSU neutralizes dangerous subversive group
The group consisted of five Dnipropetrovsk locals. It was headed by a former officer of the Ukrainian Interpol bureau, who had some combat experience in battle actions. It was determined that the subversives' leader was a cousin of detained by the SSU "Number 3" - the former SSU CI chief Bik.
19 December 2014
Trial of Pukach should go on in public - Nalyvaichenko
Kyiv Court of Appeal should in public consider a complaint about a sentence of the former general of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine Oleksiy Pukach, which is sentenced to imprisonment for the term of his natural life for the murder of journalist Georgiy Gongadze.
18 December 2014
SSU detained in Vinnitsa region a foreigner-smuggler with almost 400 thousands of dangerous drugs pills
SSU officials jointly with border guards and customs officers detained in Vinnitsa region a foreigner, which tried in a smuggling way to move across the customs border of Ukraine a large consignment of medicines, which include potent substances. The foreigner intended to move these medicines to Russian Federation in transit through the territory of Ukraine.
17 December 2014
SSU Counterintelligence frustrated Russian subversive group
As a result of special operation the SSU counterintelligence officials detained subversive group, which included citizens of the Russian Federation.
17 December 2014
SSU detained the RF citizen, involved into attempt of air piracy
Security Service of Ukraine detained in Mykolaiv the citizen of Russia, which is involved into the attempt of hijacking of Ukrainian military aircraft by the Russian special services.
17 December 2014
SSU detains informer Bezsmertnyi in Donetsk region
Bezsmertnyi, native of Autonomous Republic of Crimea recently residing in Dnipropetrovsk region, collected and passed to DNR Operation Headquarters the information on deployment and movements of the equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces engaged in ATO in Donetsk direction.
17 December 2014
SSU seized two trucks of vodka, which terrorists’ accomplices transported to the West Ukraine (video)
In Kharkiv region the Security Service of Ukraine shut off the channel of terrorist activities financing with Donetsk region manufactures distilled beverages.
17 December 2014
SSU detained in Donetsk region the citizen of Russia, which was hired by terrorists for the renovation of fire weapon
On December 16, 2014 the SSU counterintelligence officials in Yasynuvatskyi district of Donetsk region detained the RF citizen, YOB: 1978, Moscow resident, which illegally crossed the state border of Ukraine and made for the territory, which is under militants control in order to organize illegal renovation of fire weapon, that is used by terrorists for attacks against peaceful population.
17 December 2014
SSU detained militant-criminal, which wanted to procure weapon for the robbed assets from peaceful residents
In Donetsk region the SSU Counterintelligence jointly with the AF of Ukraine servicemen detained the citizen of Ukraine, YOB: 1982 – a section leader of “Russian orthodox army” terrorist group.
17 December 2014
SSU detained militant “Monah”, which delivered the weapon to terrorists
Security Service of Ukraine detained in Artemivsk of Donetsk region the native of Makiivka, YOB: 1967, - carrier of weapon and destruction means for terrorists of so-called “DPR”, nicknamed “Monah”.

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