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Follow-up to temporary entry and exit procedures for citizens of Ukraine and foreigners (stateless persons) visiting the uncontrolled territory as of March 17, 2015
26 March 2015
SSU detains law enforcer-traitor preparing to move subversives to Mariupol
During measures on law enforcement lustration the SSU CI exposed illegal activity of a member of a criminal group, who prepared subversions in Mariupol.
26 March 2015
President: point of honour - to find and punish killers of SSU officer Viktor Mandzyk
During ceremonies on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the Security Service of Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko presented a national award - the order 'For Courage' to the wife of the SSU captain Viktor Mandzyk killed by criminals near Volnovakha.
26 March 2015
SSU detains three residents of Odesa suspected of terrorist activity
Odesa - The Security Service of Ukraine detained three citizens suspected of terrorist activity and attempts to destabilize the situation in the city.
25 March 2015
SSU detains thirty people investigating killing of its officer
The Security Service of Ukraine detained over thirty offenders in the course of an investigation of the SSU officer killing and a special clean-up operation aimed at removing illegal firearms, smuggled goods and marauders from the ATO area.
25 March 2015
Nalyvaichenko: SSU is a cohort, which will not retreat and betray Ukrainians or own state
We are working for peace in Ukraine and safety of people,' - the SSU Head said during ceremonies on the occasion of 23rd Service's anniversary.
24 March 2015
SSU detains three informers and militant
In the ATO area the SSU CI detained four citizens involved in the LNR and DNR terrorist activity.
23 March 2015
Valentyn Nalyvaichenko expresses condolences to relatives of SSU captain Viktor Mandzyk
The SSU officer was killed on duty - countering a dangerous organized criminal group involved in extortions, abductions, smuggling and terrorism financing.
23 March 2015
Former officer of Ukraine's Armed Forces is sentenced to 12 years for high treason
On March 23, 2015, the Ordzhonikidzevskyi Court in Zaporizhzhia passed a sentence in a criminal proceeding against a former officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who had gathered and attempted to provide the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) with secret information on Air Forces, involved in the ATO to the Russian Federation.
23 March 2015
In ATO area SSU detects interregional gang engaged in kidnapping, marauding and smuggling
The Security Service of Ukraine detected an interregional criminal group members of which committed grave crimes involving kidnapping, marauding, smuggling and other socially dangerous acts in the ATO area, the SSU Head Valentyn Nalyvaichenko said during a briefing.
22 March 2015
Zaporizhzhia region - SSU detains group of drug dealers
The SSU officers in Zaporizhzhia together with the regional prosecution agencies detected and suppressed illegal activities of a transnational criminal group, which produced and smuggled drugs through the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea to North Ossetia of the Russian Federation for further sale.
22 March 2015
SSU detains informer providing fighters with data on their arrested associates
In the ATO area the SSU CI detained a contract soldier - an informer of fighters. It was established that a driver of one of the military units, resident of Novoazovsk, born in 1992, had been recruited by a representative of the so called 'ministry of security' of the DNR terrorist organization, nicknamed Zmii.
22 March 2015
In Kyiv SSU detains state enforcement officer on bribery charges
The Security Service of Ukraine detected illegal activity of an official of the State Enforcement Service of Ukraine. The offender extorted and obtained a bribe for forced debt collection.
21 March 2015
In Donetsk region SSU neutralizes network of informers
Donetsk region - The Security Service of Ukraine suppressed a network of terrorists.
21 March 2015
Luhansk region - SSU detains subversive group
The SSU officers detained a subversive group in the town of Pryvillia, Luhansk region. The offenders, three locals, planned to blow up a town rest house and a school by order of LNR leaders.

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Applications for accreditation in the ATO area

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